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Just discovered another ‘employee blog’, opera singer Geraldine McGreevy.  It’s just one part of her personal website, although for some reason the blog isn’t linked from the larger site.  I mention this partly because I know absolutely nothing about opera, and partly because she name-checked me on the UK bloggers social mailing list.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Factcheck website before – it is something that the political blogges should be doing, but instead is part of the Channel 4 news website.  They check all the claims that the political parties make during the election.  I wonder if they’ll continue doing this after the election…

If not – I sense an opening for a new blog.

Here is their analysis of the ‘MRSA’ crisis, pretty much correct as I see it, although they don’t mention that MRSA is epidemic in the community, and that ‘Modern Matrons’ tend to be busy doing paperwork rather than making sure the wards are clean.

I wrote about Firefighters being attacked, and seems that their union is calling for a “properly resourced, national strategy” to combat these attacks, the BBC has some of the stories here and here.

My solution?  Automatic maximum sentencing for people who assault the Emergency services.  I’m sure that “Bystander” could comment on this (If you live in England and haven’t seen this site yet, go there now).

I have been reliably informed that there is a place in East London that you can take injured animals.  It’s the “Goddards Veterinary Group” in Wanstead, phone number of 0208 989 7744.  I did think of this, on the night, but when I mentioned it to the RSPCA, they’d not heard of it – so I thought it had been closed down.
Update:'Bystander' has answered my question. While I might not agree 100%, I can see his point of view.

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  1. Here's hoping for some kind of activity on the mailing list!I'm still waiting for the mail I sent to be authorised, but hopefully some kind of social will get organised (if nobody else wants to, I could always try and organise something…)

    Out of interest, how many hits do you usually get a day on here?

  2. Funny you should mention that…I'm writing the email as I got this comment.And I get here are about 7,000 to 8,000 hits or RSS pulls a day.

  3. There's a Goddards in Loughton, Essex too. I used to live there and they're really good with wild and domestic animals.

  4. An elderly gentleman I know was admitted to hospital some weeks back. He has subsquently contracted MRSA and was moved to an isolation room. Any visitors have to wear masks and gloves, etc. A relative of mine visited him recently and whilst chatting, an auxilliary came in (no mask, gloves or apron) offered him a cup of tea and picked up his meal tray. Without pause, she continued on her rounds in the general wards.Um, Isolation?? …


  5. Exactly, and I suspect that the doctors ward rounds are a repeat performance. I'd also suspect that the cleaners would do the same, and use the same mops/buckets/water as the rest of the ward.In the 'good old days' there were isolation wards, where patients with MRSA would be nursed, and the MRSA would be fought – unfortunately bed pressures have gotten so bad, that isolation wards had to become standard wards.

    The hospital where I worked at the most, had 4 isolation rooms – and these were more often than not used for 'reverse isolation', when a patient with a compromised immune system must be protected from other people and their germs.

  6. Oh, and I forgot – when people in the community have MRSA, then visitors can be dangerous.Lots of people carry MRSA, and just don't know it…

  7. “…there is a place in East London that you can take injured animals.”Good on yer, mate. Many people don't bother. One person who would is my gf's mate's ambo husband. gf is waiting for the day when he turns up while on duty with a sparrow in the back of the wagon! Must talk to her about writing a blog: you'd love it.

    (the rehabber''s boyfriend)

  8. Geraldine the opera singer here – thanks for the mention. How strange but pleasant to see my name here.I googled “employee blog” but I'm not sure I qualify since I am a freelance singer. My life goes from one contract to another. However, my blog is definitely a “job-related” blog.

    I haven't yet linked from my main site since I was trying out the blogging thing to see if I could be consistent and reliable. I didn't want to start something only for it to get stale and sad.

    BTW, what is name-checking? Did I really do that? I thought I just followed your link to an email group.

    I hope I get to meet you and other UK bloggers. Sometimes, among my colleagues, simply because I know what a blog is, I feel like a square peg in a round hole.

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