Today, like yesterday, had more people than normal in Newham.

Today was the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi, and in Newham we had a big parade through the streets, it was estimated that there were 15–20,000 people attending, and having driven down the length of the parade I’d suggest that it was an underestimation.

The interesting thing is that, while yesterday for the football, the police were there in force (800+ officers, riot police, mounted police and a helicopter), for the festival today, there were probably quarter the number of officers, a helicopter and no mounted or riot police.

I saw no trouble during the day, which is more than I can say about yesterday – where there were ‘football fans’ fighting in the streets.

The other good thing is that while I was waiting for the parade, one of the people giving out food along the road saw me, and handed me an unrecognisable – but very tasty curry and rice.  I also had one of their gorgeous sweets, made I suspect, from fat and sugar – delicious, but also a ticking time bomb for a heart attack.

This is why I love London so much, interesting things happening, people enjoying themselves, and, when the weather is right (as it was today) – all seems right in the world.

No interesting jobs today – my first job was a male who faked an epileptic fit to draw attention to the sore throat he has had for a fortnight (although, to be fair he did also have mental health issues, and learning disabilities).  The second job was a man who had been attacked in the street by a group of men he knew, and my final job was a man who had an epileptic fit at Stratford bus station, and had stopped by the time I got there.

Three jobs during a twelve hour shift gives you an idea how busy I was today…

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