It could be an interesting shift today.

West Ham are playing at home against Millwall, to say that there is some “history” between the two clubs would be an understatement. At the moment there are hundreds of police being shuttled around the area and the Bobby Moore statue that normally looks like the image on the left has been altered somewhat.
It now has this wooden barricade around it, and it's covered with a tarpaulin – as you can (just) see in this picture I took earlier this morning. We are being advised to wear our stab vest throughout the day – but with the amount of police present, I can't see there being any trouble.

Of course those might be my 'famous last words'…

13 thoughts on “Footie”

  1. I live near the stadium, and last time it was West Ham v. Millwall I had to go out for some tinned tomatoes! It took me ages cos all the shops were barricaded down and there were riot police everwhere… and no one else. It was like we were suddenly living under military rule or something.-PP

  2. I used to live a stones throw from Millwall's “The Den”. And I can vouch for that because of the number of stones that hit my house.Bum Bum!

  3. Just gotten around to reading this site after hearing about it for months – good stuff mr ambulance man. Particularly enjoyed the post on the hazards of halitosis. I have a little question for you and all your readers if you'd care to visit

    and let me know your answer I'd be very interested… all for the sake of journalism and my next article. cheers! mimix

  4. “famous last words” indeed – I hope to god you were knocking on some wood as you typed that!(You can't die yet; you still haven't learned about the Altoids…)

  5. I used to live in Cardiff and remember a riot after a game between Cardiff City and Bristol City once. Strange really as we got through the Rugby World Cup without any trouble!

  6. Their was rioting after a Leeds/manutd match at ellen road when I was a child, it only kicked off after a police riot van drove like a prick over a kids foot (did lots of dammage), and both manchester and Leeds fans decided to go blistic and roll the van containing the coppers. Mmmm they probably deserved it though

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