I was a good boy yesterday – I got up at 9am, trundled around and went to bed at 10pm.
Then at 11pm something woke me up.

(Some utter, utter, utter, utter *CENSORED*, who thinks that honking his horn outside my flats at that time of night is a good idea)

Now I can't sleep.

It's now 2am, and I'm wide awake – with the prospect of a 12 hour shift starting at 6:30am. I know that I'm going to be feeling extremely grotty tomorrow, perhaps it is a good thing that I spend most of the time alone in the car.

An hour's sleep will completely refresh me for a short time, but I know I'll be paying for it later.

Right at this moment I just want to kill people. Painfully.

Still, I have taken the first step on “extending my brand”, more details of which will be revealed later next week.

9 thoughts on “Insomnia”

  1. Me too. Just sitting here. Killing time. Waiting for sleep to hit. It never does.I do have a friendly mouse that runs at very high speed around my room though.


    The Broken Hut.

  2. I'm 1320 words into a 3000 word essay. no sleep tonight for me. I Like your blog. I have one, but it's in welsh.kamikaze_cymru

  3. I couldn't sleep last night either. I feel your pain. :-/I often find that my friends suffer from insomnia on the same nights as me and thankfully I dont get it often. Maybe its air pressure or something.


  4. i think people that horn at unsocible hours should had headphones lock to they head and horn sound played though them at non regular time for 24 hours, see how they like no *BEEP*ing sleep!!!!!As you can tell i have the same problems as you

  5. Shift working is a recent one for me (I'm just finishing my first run of nights now, and I feel half dead), but I must say that I'm with you 100% on the blowing horns thing. I've come to realise just how often the house opposite order taxis. They have about three taxis a day. None of whom are capable of getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell.Still, I've got a load of time off after today. I may spend it sitting by an open window throwing things at minicabs.

  6. I feel your pain… in reverse. I live in the States and Americans get up so early they think nothing of revving their several-hundred litre pick-up trucks with stero blaring at 4 in the morning. It's not unusual for people to be cutting the grass with a petrol mower at 6am in the summer, and it is considered OK to call someone after 6am. If school is cancelled, 5am is not too early to call. (IT IS IN MY BOOK!) Once it's light I stand no chance of getting back to sleep, even if I've only had three or four hours. Gits….and don't tell me I should Americanize -I have! I used not to surface until the afternoon! 😉 Now I get my children on the schoolbus at 7.15. But 4am? Please cut it out…….

    (sorry, was I ranting there? I love living here, but what's the hurry to wake up? Let sleeping monsters lie, I say.)


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