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For those that are interested in what I would suggest as a replacement for, there is a Yahoo group for UK Bloggers.  You can find out more about it here , while the traffic is very light at the moment, I plan to use it to set up some London based meetings.

Thanks to Tom Morris, who reminded me of the mailing list.

I spent the day in the company of two of the nicest people I know Gary Turner and Suw Charman.  Food, coffee and excellent conversation were the order of the day.  Gary is incredibly creative, and five minutes with him makes me want to steal his ideas and set up a  Meanwhile Suw’s career motivates me purely by making me jealous of her skill and success at writing.

The council have given me the address of the flat they want to move me to.  They haven’t gotten the keys yet (I think they are cleaning out the remains of the previous occupant) but a quick look on the outside doesn’t fill me with much hope for the size of the inside.  Still it is in a quiet area, although quite a way from the nearest tube.  When I get the keys and have a look around I’ll let you know what I think.

Back to work tomorrow (Wave if you see me sitting around Stratford), so possibly some ambulance stories…

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  1. As far as I'm aware…The national government says that X% of all housing must be Council owned.

    Local government then allocate the housing for a reduced rate rent (well….cheaper than private landlords)

    There is an option to buy the Council houses off the Government if you have been living there for long enough.

    The local council are pulling down my current block of flats because (a) – It would be too expensive (10million) to bring them up to minimum living standards, and (b) – having so many low income families in one place is a security nightmare.

    The site (which is in a _really_ nice place) will be redeveloped, it hasn't been decided as to how, but my bet would be a mix of council and private homes.

    That's the way I see it anyway – I may be wrong.

  2. If you wouldn't mind providing some cultural translation for some Americans, could you bring me up to speed on what is going on with your apartment? My general impression is that the UK's low cost housing is done not by the national government, but by individual town / city councils, who build council estates / flats that then go out at concessional rents / prices; or that just the maximum rent is controlled? Or is it just that your town has decided your current apartment building is going to get torn down for some kind of civic improvement and they have to give you an alternative?

  3. RE being housed : 'tis tough Issue: here in La La Land. A Copper, firemen or medical personnel and others that be earning less than 60K, have to commute 60 miles plus to earn their daily bread, before they can convince a morgage broker that they qualify for a a nisce low interest loan. “Tis why 12 hr. days be a blessing[??] ,only commute 4 days out of the seven.Yet the idea of government subsidy goes against the grain of the average person, as they believe market forces be right. Oh! yes, house prices are doing nicely going up at 25% a year, interest rates are nice and be low. Liberal Ideas are Taboo to any hard working stiff. So enjoy your short commute, the longest parking lot in world [405] would welcome your expertise. Scarabaeus stercus.

    P.S. Its not how much ye get, it is wot ye can do with wot ye get and keep for your own pleasure.

  4. I used to live in LA, but compared to the San Francisco bay area where I now reside, it is cheap. In my neighborhood fixer uppers cost a minimum of 1.1 – 1.2 million dollars. What is subsidised housing? I think I heard of it once back when there were still democrats in power in this country… I know I can barely afford rent around here! The cost of not having to see the air you are breathing…..

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