I have a bit of a problem, first, I’m off work until Friday – so how am I going to entertain you?

“Tell us about things you’ve seen up people’s bums”, I hear you cry.

Alright, from tomorrow I’ll tell you about FBUA (Work it out yourself…)

Ok, now for the real dilemma…

As you may know, I like animals, so much so that when I found out I had a mouse in my flat (he wandered out to the middle of the floor to say hello), I used a humane mouse-trap to catch him.  I then released him near the bins by my flats so he could have plenty of stuff to eat and hide in.

As an antidote to the pictures of cats I posted here, let me post a picture of the adorable little creature that I caught..

Picture of a mouse

Unfortunately it appears that there is another mouse still living with me.  Now, given that I felt really guilty throwing his friend out into the cold, cruel world, I’m of a mind to let him stay in my flat, perhaps feeding him little scraps of food.  I don’t know how he has been feeding himself so far, as all the food in my flat is either in tins, or microwavable containers in my freezer.

I wonder if it could be the same mouse?  He’d have to be very clever to find my flat out of the 200 in my block.  Let alone getting in throught the security doors and climbing up seven flights of stairs.

So my dilemma is, do I let him stay (knowing full well that the council will be knocking these flats down sometime in the near future), or do I catch and release him like his friend, possibly ending up as some cat chew toy?

I’ve got a feeling I’m going to let him stay – just so long as he doesn’t chew any cables, or leave little turds where I can find them.  I mean, I’ve shared a house with seven nurses – one mouse shouldn’t be a problem.

39 thoughts on “Dilemma”

  1. Aw! Don't kill it! Be humane or keep it in a cage. (Or if you kill it, don't tell us on the blog….) As for FBUA, used to work in theatres, and have seen a fair few of them! One memorable story was of a man who had an FB up his A for two days, as he couldn't switch it off, and was too embarassed to come in until the batteries had run down….

  2. Not just kittens. Oliver once ate the orange plastic string that came as part of our black bin bags (to tie them up with). Since it was a metre long all I could do was check each day and snip off the inches that had emerged. Gives you a good measure of feline digestive tract throughput. Bless 'em!

  3. Keep him in the house, but if in the middle of the night (or day) as you blearily make your way to the toilet you accidentally step on something small and furry, don't blame me when you jump in the air and scream like a girl!Of course, when I did that and screamed like a girl, it was ok, because I am a girl!

  4. Trouble with well fed micies who are free to roam is they usually turn into lots of micies who grow up way too fast, invite all their mates in and then hold parties in back of your PC. Mmm… cables…Of course you could always trap him/her then keep it as a pet in a nice safe cage 🙂


  5. ok that has to be the uglyist mouse in the whole of mousedom..looks like the cat has already had a chew if you ask me…let it go find its mate in the bins and buy a hamster ;o)

  6. i'm happy for micies to live in my flat (heck, my cat at home kills enough of them without me joining in) until they start holding parties in my room and keeping me awake at night. That is much less cool. I put a trap down after three nights of not being able to get to sleep. Since then, not a squeak from the mouse! We have an understanding I feel. It knows it can hang out….but not in my room!

  7. I find the little guy/girl very cute.Did it accidentally fall in the bathtub a few seconds before you took the picture ?

    Did you put bread crumbles on your phone to make it look that interested ?

    The comment on the natural growth tendancy of mice population is to be taken into account.

  8. The trouble is, it's not just the little mouse-poos you have to worry about… they leave a trail of stinky and health-damaging mouse-wee wherever they scuttle.Not good news for your cornflakes….

  9. Get a cat and the mouse will soon be gone:-)Besides if you are bored you can answer me that question:

    You always complain about “drunks” in the street;

    Walking through London the other day I saw a lot (what a surprise). To be honest I never thought about calling the police (or an ambulance) but sometimes when they lie there in the middle of the road (without any blanket or anything) not moving some people DO call for an ambulance.

    Do YOU think it's necessary at all? I mean actually you can never be sure can you? If they have been taking more than just a beer (drugs pp)?? And to me some people seem to be very ignorant, sorry.

    What do you think about it? Are you really that bothered by people calling for an ambulance for a drunk? Are those drunks supposed to lie there all day? Is there nothing you can do about it? Should I call the police or an ambulance? Or just pass and ignore them????

  10. It probably found it's way back and you probably already had two anyway. People need to give more credit to little animals, they are more able than you expect!You need to get rid of the little micies before the problem escalates and you end up with other unwanted 'pets' or in the back of one of you're colleges vehicles with some nasty disease caused by mice poo. (Mind you I'm sure they would love it and give you a nice new nick name).

    When I was a student we used a humaine trap then dispatched them in a bucket of water (Well it was all we had, and as an added plus we didn't have to scrape up mice eyes from the other side of the room). All apart from that one that hid behind the microwave, a gentle tap from a large spanner saw the end to that one. They didn't come back either.

  11. I kept rats for years and while I'd say that its a very sweet looking mouse, it WILL eat your cables and poo and piss everywhere. My old flatmate went through 3 phone chargers before she let me in on that fact (stupid girl). Best thing to do is catch it and keep it in a cage and let it run around when you're home or catch it and set it free in a dumpster.

  12. I'll second the above comments, you really really don't want them in there. The main problem with mice is that, like bees, they leave 'scent' trails as they run to remind themselves where the good food and hiding places are. They manage this by constantly dribbling pee as they go, over your worktops, your bed, your toothbrush….It shows up vibrantly under UV light, if you want to explore, carries horrendous diseases and stinks when dry.

    Honest, Reynolds, mate, get rid of it soon as.

    One mouse is a sure sign there are more.

  13. I've got on for your treasures found in rectums post. The first christmas I had my cats they were still kittens and interested in eating anything, but I was still a bit surprised to find something shiny sticking out of Ozzy's behind. I figured she'd sat on a christmas decoration. So I had a little tug, but no it appeared that she'd swallowed on of those really long tinsle things that you decorate your tree with and no amount of her licking her arse was gonna dislodge it.Having made a quick call to the vets to ascertain that it wasnt wrapped around any major organs, I extracted the footlong piece of tinsel from her and my god did she hate me for a few days. Moral: christmas and kittens dont mix

  14. There's never just one mouse. You either have an infestation of mice, or you don't.I should keep trapping them. It's pretty difficult to eradicate them completely: all you'll be doing is keeping the numbers down.

    Also they're nocturnal and secretive: if you're actually seeing them it's usually a sign that there's a population explosion…

  15. THATS HORRIBLE!Call in Pest Controll, and have the place fumigated. Put down lodes of mouse traps, (Mmmmm Cheese), Rent a cat, Buy a shotgun.

    see ya

  16. Mice carry diseases such as Salmonella and they can also transmit a type of Leptospirosis, but not Weil's disease. Their continual dribble of urine contaminates food and feedstuffs. They are a particular problem in grain stores, warehouses, shops, hospitals and even domestic premises.[mmm cornflakes anybody?]

    Entering a new location through gaps as small as 6mm, mice build nests which are hard to find, populating an area with new colonies quickly with devastating effect. Because mice can reach sexual maturity 42 days after birth, populations grow much faster than those of rats, which take about twice the time to reach maturity.

    Purloined from: http://www.dudley.gov.uk/council/cleansing/mice.htm

    Get rid of it – even if you put it in the waste bins again. It has friends. It poos in your food. It is not cute, it's a menace to your health.

  17. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that if it nibbles your cables, it might set the whole tower block on fire with a short circuit.If you have mice, your neighbours will too, do the maths:

    Let's be conservative here… 200 flats at ONE MOUSE each, say, 100 female mice

    5 or 6 offspring each female mouse (let's say 5) 8 times a year gives the second generation (mice only live 12 months) of 4000 mice, of which 2000 females with 5 offspring 8 times a year gives 80,000 mice in your block in 12 months

    How much did you think you liked them?

  18. Our dog has a habit of eating tissue paper (the snottier the better) and it doesn't always digest well so on occasion he lands up going around with tissue paper sticking out of his ass!

  19. If you read his post properly you will see he is assuming half of the mice are females. Which is a pretty good assumptions.Just catch it humanely and let it free further from your flat this time.

  20. Rodents… scaly tail, smell, disease, noise and the slightly worrying feeling that they (there has to be more than one, those things aren't loners) are actually quite clever and they are awake when you are asleep and the only food they have easy access to in your flat is either tinned, or frozen, or …. you. Your choice but don't go complaining when it starts nibbling you when you have one too many and sleep too deeply to notice. 🙂

  21. In my falt in Kinglsand we had just one mouse. We kept seeing it run up the chimney, and it was always the same one. We had a live and let live policy until it started chewing my lecture notes. A few days after we killed it (it took some doing, as he was able to steal the cheese from the trap, and it took us a while to find something to secure it) a dead rat appeared on the back porch. A few days after that a small pyramid of potatoes appeared on the front porch. We were never sure how these events were related…

  22. seven nurses!! How did you live with that? I've been in flats with 2 or 3 of them and you needed a shovel to clear the trash piles of soiled knickers, pill bottles and fag packets. Happy days.

  23. I have no problem with people calling me out for folk who are 'collapsed'/'apparently drunk'.My hatred is directed towards the people who get so drunk they feel the need to pass out in the street, not the ones who are oncerned for their fellow man.

    Of course I do get a lot of calls where the caller 'can't remain on scene'…

  24. That mouse is so cute, but it cannot stay. I had a house mouse for a while who used to like pottering about on my floor, reading the tv guide. But then it started pooing all round the bathroom and on the bed. It had to go.

  25. I've heard it said you never actually have ONE mouse, because they live in groups and breed like crazy. How many times have I set a trap even after catching “the” mouse to find it occupied the next morning. And they do poo everywhere, including your dishtowel drawer and the pan drawer under your range and the cabinets where you store your dishes.

  26. hmm, when I've left the mickies have the run of the house, the first thing they eat is the soap- so they can't be all that dirty can they?

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