Average Speeds

I kept a track of all the times on my jobs during my 'Blogathon' so that I could work out how fast I drive, on average, to my jobs.
The area in which I work has fairly average traffic for London, and while there are a couple of long roads that I can speed down, the majority of the time is spent going down little residential roads, most of which are covered with speed bumps.

In nine jobs, the fastest I travelled was 36mph (a straight run down the A13), the slowest was 18mph (down lots of twisty turny little roads). My average speed was 25.14mph.

Which sounds really slow, but in London the average speed of a car is 12mph)

On average it took me 3 minutes and 48 seconds to get to a job.

My average travel distance was 1.65 miles, the shortest trip was 0.9 miles and the longest was 3 miles.

(On the shortest trip I travelled at 20.5mph, and on the longest I went 26.6mph).

Apologies to anyone who finds such Excel-powered number crunching boring…

6 thoughts on “Average Speeds”

  1. What book ya reading Reynolds? I recomend James Herbert as a writter, hes very good :-DLiz 32 weeks today, yay for me πŸ˜€

  2. >Which sounds really slow, but in London the average speed of a car is 12mphBut then again you do have the advantage of lots of flashing blue lights and a siren πŸ™‚

  3. I went on a urgent patient transfer, our AVERAGE was 82, now whilst in todays thourght this isnt too quick I can assure you when there are five of you bouncing around the back its SCARY

  4. I am always amazed at the timings of london ambulances. I recently moved to London and I feel safer here knowing that there are many Police about and ambulances actually turn up within the hour. Back where I originate from, it takes 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive and about 10, 15 minutes for the coppers.

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