This is my RRU car being low loaded away to Waterloo Control to be fixed. I've managed to break the fuel pipe, thereby leaving a pool of petrol on the floor.

I'll give you all the full details (and more pictures) later, but the cause of the accident has led Control to rename my callsign from 'EC50' to the more descriptive 'EC-Muppet'.

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  1. OK, you made me laugh, but then i have been there and done that too.I work for W Mids as a tech and have called in as My ambulance died on the way to a job _ crank case sensor droped out!

    You can never plan for equipmant failure.

  2. better it died after a job then just as you are called to one. one question though, did you go over any speed bump at speed?? thats how my mate did his fuel line in,

  3. I go out as a observer occasionally as part of my course, we have a lovely lady paramedic who is the Cycle-Medic in the town center, Unoficial Call Sign = “The Service Bike”LearningNursing

  4. Ahhh well i've done exactly the same thing… only I didn't just nick a fuel line. I tore a whole exhaust from (just underneath the engine to the tail pipe) the bottom of a mini cooper… then nearly gave myself CO poisoning driving it to the garage…

  5. We have someone tear off the sump after going over an unmarked speedhump at speed during a night.Low slung vehicle + bump + speed = bits left behind on the road.

  6. Well, it is part the state of the fleet (which is getting better) and partly because of the way we thrash them about.I trained on an ambulance that had an iron bar in the back, which you needed to hit the starter motor with to get the engine running…

  7. Having just worked my way down your blog in a reverse chronological manner, I was particularly amused to see how you'd reversed your car so it got a rod stuck up its arse. Particularly given your previous (or is it latter) blogs commenting on the unlikeliness of people falling backwards and getting a door knob stuck up their derriere. Well done, you managed it, only “by proxy”. Good show. Dr. Jim.

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