I will be posting more on this later, but after saving a patients life (yay for me), I have now broken the RRU car. Fuel has leaked out over the floor, and I am currently sitting behind Bow road waiting for a truck to tow me away.I explain more about how I managed to break the car once I have worked it out myself…

8 thoughts on “Stuck”

  1. I think you need to understand the capability of highly trained medical staff to break things. When I was selling medical kit (and demoing it in theatres or ITU it was a source of wonder how much stuff got broken. Hence the old joke – a nurse in a lift could break a ball bearing..

  2. I think that's a war story that needs serious embellishment Tom:

    “In the course of duty… while attempting to save multiple lives… under heavy artillery fire… with nary a thought for my own safety… I fought my way to a site of horrific injury and death…

    “To my horror, when I returned to my trusty steed… she was dying… her vitality… her life-force was ebbing away… as I lay there… cradling her cold, lifeless shell… I screamed in rage… ‘Why God, why?’…”

    I think it helps if you use a hammy William Shatner-style stilted delivery 🙂

    Ithika. The Broken Hut.

  3. Learning Nursing Here,is it wise to be using a mobile whilst sitting in a pool of petrol?

    Just a thourght, Back to my Essay on Cardiology now…

    HELP 🙁

  4. That…is…excellent…I save that sort of thing for the pub though. Easier to get past the tricky detail of fact checking.

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