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Well I'm back home, where I am microwaving a curry, putting my feet up and will soon be playing a little bit of World of Warcraft.

Following that I may well be spending some time on IRC before going to bed and repeating this sort of day again tomorrow.

Looking back it was a fairly average day, no lives saved (particularly), no multiple trauma, no-one trying to hit me, and very little time sitting around doing nothing.

Blogging throughout the day filed up most of the free time that I had, and while it was a fun little exercise, I don't think I'll be doing it again soon. While I don't mind moblogging, I feel that I can't 'polish' my writing as much as I can when I get home and blog from there.

There is also a lack of reflection – if I write about a job immediately after doing it, then what time do I have to look back on it and pick out the interesting parts, or relate it to jobs that happen around it.

So while I may well moblog again, I don't think it'll be on the same scale as today.

“My name is Jack Bauer, and this was an average day in my life…”

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  1. I take your point about posting but I enjoyed reading your '24 hours' style posts. It is quite funny how often they end with the intention of going in search of a cup of tea though! I presume there are a lot of 'conveniences' in your neck of the woods? lol

  2. maybe you should get a film crew to follow you around. and that clock as well. somehow though i imagine it will be closer to the “er” they filmed in real time than “24”.

  3. ER rather than 24, yes you are right – unfortunately I don't get to shoot anyone during my normal shift.

  4. its been a cracking day tom. i've really enjoyed it.I think everyone can relate to one of those, nothing special just average days. I've enjoyed it but I can see how much work its been for you. As for polishing your writing – edit it tomorrow, no one will notice.

    Oh and thanks for sharing today with us.

  5. Thank you for another day of insights into the good work you do – may be average to you but it sounds v. interesting to me.Patrick

  6. There was a spectacular (and, miraculously, non-fatal) car accident outside Sainsbury's Greenwich this evening. A black car turned right at a place where you are not allowed to turn right and hit a maroon car with such force that it went over on its side. The emergency services – three fire-tenders, three ambulances – pulled SEVEN children (including one baby) out of the maroon car, plus granny, plus the driver. There were loads of witnesses, and both cars are write-offs.As I say, I understand that no one was killed – I spoke to two people who had seen it happen – but I kept thinking: I bet the man in the black car had taken this short-cut – turning right just there instead of going on a few yards to the roundabout and coming back the other way and then turning left – I bet that he has done that every day for some time and got away with it. But, even people who believe that rules are for suckers eventually run out of road. He is lucky that his car is just a complete write-off; his arrogance and stupidity could so easily have killed an entire family.

    Rachel in SE7

  7. Cheers mate, I appreciate the nice words.But – if it were work I'd not do it…

    I can't edit it tomorrow, it'd be cheating.

  8. It's that sort of thing that I allude to in the title of this blog, that silly, random seeming things can ruin lives. Classic RTA call out though, ambulances for the casualties, 'Trumpton' for the securing and cutting open of vehicles and loads of police to keep the traffic in check.And I would imagine that you are right – the driver had done that trip hundreds of times – just that today was the day it all caught up with them. It's just lucky that no-one was apparently seriously hurt.

  9. Thanks for the hectic updates throughout the day. A nice change from your usual routine of longer more elaborate posts. Although I would say that I definitely agree with you that it is (even) better when you have some time to reflect on the events of the day and pick out the ones most interesting to your readership.Maybe you could do the frequent updates for one day every month or so just to introduce a little variation in pace on your blog – call it Frantic Friday or whatever. 🙂

    BTW looking forward to seeing your speed and mileage statistics.

  10. An interesting day Tom and amazing use of technology.I start work/training on Monday- will be very interesting to meet my new colleagues/pick up uniforms/do orientation etc etc

    On a sad note I see that our Kiwi mate AO Blog has pulled the pin due to job loss concerns…

  11. A fairly average day to you, Tom – but very interesting to me! Thank you for doing all that moblogging, it gave a different kind of insight into your work. (I can quite see why you wouldn't want to be doing it all the time, though!)

  12. That's not a bad idea – but it's an idea that could fall flat on it's face if I have a slow day.Perhaps I'll do a Night-shift so our cousins in other timezones can join in the fun.

    And the statistics are on the way…

  13. A 'cup of tea' is the fuel for the NHS..And I have a bladder the size of a football – a side effect of my nursing career.

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