“Can we send you this job? It's a long way away”.”Sure, why not…”
Three miles through heavy traffic, from one end of my complex to the other. Blues lights flashing and sirens wailing.
Five minutes it took me to travel it, well within the all important 8 minutes.
I only clipped three cars on the way here *joke*
Patient is a 74 year old male, recently flown here from India, very nice person who gave a good description of Cardiac chest pain. He had a heart attack two years ago and it feels similar to that episode. The ambulance which was from another sector was also pretty quick to turn up. The patient is now winging his way to hospital for assessment and treatment.
I fancy another cup of tea.

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  1. Were you on Finchley road, parked up at the side of the street around 4ish today?I was on a coach going past, and saw a RRU vehicle, with a bloke sat in the drivers seat…


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