This is the view from my other standby point, hidden behind the back of Stratford shopping mall it lets me get to most areas quickly and, because it is hidden from pedestrians, I can have a little sleep without people waking me up to ask directions.

If I want to watch people walking past then I park up near St Johns church.

The last job was a 60 year old man who had fallen over and had probably broken a rib. After a full examination to rule out anything nasty like a punctured lung, or the possibility of this masking a cardiac episode, I was quite happy to see him walk onto the ambulance. At the hospital they will probably do exactly the same examination, it is unlikely that they will x-ray him because with broken ribs there is nothing to do except treat the pain and let them heal naturally.

I did however manage to get back to station to have a well-deserved cup of tea, now I'm pondering why the traffic up the high street to Bow road is so bad.

I am making notes on how far/fast I'm travelling, and will show you these very geeky figures after I get home and 'crunch' them.

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  1. Hey, I used to live near there.This hourly blogging thing is surprisingly gripping. Hopefully you can keep it up every day… 😉

  2. Another benifit of doing the job you do. Not only do you get to beat the traffic ( although i know it is for a just cause) you also get to park on double yellows!!!! (I envy you)

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