So I spent some time at my standby point, then returned to station. I always have trouble around 10am and 4pm during the day, it is when my circadian rythmn hits its low points and I just want to sleep. If I'm not busy seeing to patients then these two times of the day are really tricky for me.
It doesn't help if I haven't been sleeping well – which, or course, I haven't.

At the moment the seat of the RRU feels as if it has rocks in it, maybe because I was doing something physical yesterday, or it might just be where the Night shift has adjusted the seat.

If I don't get busier, todays experiment in hourly blogging will get boring very quickly…

At the moment, instead of three ambulances running out of West Ham, there is only one. It is funny that there was no problem in manning ambulances during the Easter break (where you get paid more money for working overtime during that period), but that today, at least locally, manning is poor.

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  1. Can you please give a brief explanation of the abbreviations that you use? Many thanks

    Stuart, (retired health worker not ambulance)

  2. I can only see one :- Rapid Response Unit?Keep up the good work Mr. Blog, I'm going to Machester in a yellow and green taxi now so will have to catch up on all tomorrow. Have a good Day!

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