I am allowed a short period of grace first thing I the morning. During the day I am not supposed to spend more than 20 minutes on station – any longer and I get someone from Control phoning me up to ask me to either roam around the area or to sit on standby. However because of union negotiation, Control can only put you on standby between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00 – so if there are no calls I can sit on station from 06:30 until 08:00. This means cups of tea, and BBC breakfast news.
I've just had a look at Google, and guessing from the logo, it's Van Goghs birthday. I wonder if they will do anything for St Georges day on the 23rd of April, like they did for St Patricks day – somehow I doubt it, the government of England seem to do pretty well ignoring it.

If you look at the events on the St Georges website, it really does look pretty pitiful, cafes doing Ska nights for instance…

Talking about BBC Breakfast news…doesn't Ruth Kelly have a deep voice (and an awful website).

For the next few hours, I imagine that I shall be moblogging, so the standard of writing will plummet.

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