It is a source of amusement, when driving into work that you find the Rapid Response Unit you are going to be working on speeding past you on the way to a call. What it means is that there is definitely time for a cup of tea before the night shift gets back for me to take over – this means a slightly more relaxed, yet awake, EMT will be serving the people of Newham today.
It also means that I can read some blogs, write this post, catch up on some work bulletins and generally start feeling a bit more humaan.

I'm also happy for the bloke working the nightshift, he likes to get back to station late – as it's a bit more overtime.

Throughout the day, in an attempt to be as geeky as possible, I shall be telling you exactly how far I have travelled and the average speed that I drive at to get to jobs (answer:as fast as possible, but you may be surprised at how slow that speed actually is).

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  1. I cycle when the weather is nice, and I'm feeling like keeping fit – at the moment the weather is grotty, and I could care less about my health.So instead I drive the three and a half miles into work.

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