I've just come from a job where the ambulance crew who responded called me 'Mr Blog' – they wondered if I'd write about the job we were at.
18 year old male, normally fit and healthy, with a dry cough for one day. Location? 400 yards from the hospital.

Erm…and that's it – Cue a phone call to 999, one RRU, one ambulance and all the work/paperwork that any attendance to A&E requires.

Before that I went to a patient who gave their complaint as 'Chest pain', and sat there talking to me, rubbing their ample belly, which had been hurting them for the past week. I'm sure some people think their chest is the two inches around their belly-button.

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  1. In school I learned about lots of things like trigonometry, glaciation and the poetry of Keats that have been no use at all to me since. I wish I had learned about things like managing money (paying bills, credit cards, insurance etc) and when and how to engage with public services. Then I wouldn't have had to learn some of those lessons the hard way. And you might have had an easier time as well!

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