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For those that are interested, one of the photos that was taken, and the Times article is up over here. I'm just glad that they didn't use the one of me using a laptop – I can see why they might use a “Here is the blogger updating his website…” photo. But the computer I was 'using' was the photographer's Mac.
Not that I have anything against Macs, but I don't think think that they are as wonderful as everyone makes out. I sometimes take a vaguely non-Mac role on IRC.

Of course I'm saving up for a Mac Mini because, at heart, I'm a computer geek.

I've now got a day or two off before returning to day shifts (depending on if I get granted the annual leave I asked for), but I have a project in the works… Another Ambulance employee has asked how they can start writing a blog (and not get sacked), so I'm going to write a bit about 'How not to get the sack for blogging', seeing as it's why I keep having these interviews, while written from my perspective, it might be useful for other people.

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  1. TomI have noticed that the NHS Informatics news website's launched into action in an attempt to scare people not to write a blog.


    There are some comments at the bottom of the post containing some academic studies into blogging and various health services, though. Along with a link to your good self.


  2. mmmmmm mac…. I'm a convert for personal use, but wouldn't ram it down people's throats, each to their own one thinks.I came across a website the other day whilst looking for something for work, and it teaches people how to set up a blog for their local government, it was on a Government website as well. Now if I could just remember which one it was…

  3. I am surprised that The Times article didn't include a link to your blog – surely that's the least they could have done to credit you?Still, congratulations for being the “12th most-read British blog” – that's quite an achievement, and well deserved.

    I have to admit to being a new-ish reader of your blog – I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reding it so far – keep up the good work!

    Look forward to your “How not to get the sack for blogging” posts – I'll be taking notes!

    Best wishes,


  4. Weird. I can't see the link in my browser (IE6).Still, if it's there, then I take back what I said above.

    Apart from enjoying this blog – that I do mean.


  5. Great little peice there, bet you were pleased with it wernt you? The pic for the story is cute, are there any more in the paper? I didnt get chance to get one before they all sold out at my shop, maybe lots of people round where i live read your blog!

  6. LOL, you're prettier than I thought you'd be. I didnt get to buy it either, so I can just scrutinise the avatar size picture they put on the web.Great article – well for a media whore 🙂

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