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I've just gotten an email from Olav, the journalist who interviewed me earlier. The interview with me will be in the Public Agenda supplement of tomorrow's Times. Apparently there are two photographs – hopefully at least one of them won't make me look like an idiot…
I'll link to it later if it goes up online.

With Gordon McLean's recent bit in the Scottish Sunday Times (Not a very Blogger friendly article in my opinion), it seems that print journalism is becoming more and more interested in the popularity of Blogging.

Actually, I think I should write a reply to that article, but It's be hard not to make it sound like sour grapes

Not working in an office, I have no evidence for my following theory for perhaps some of the growth in popularity of blogs…

With more TV channels (satellite and cable), people aren't watching the same programmes anymore, there are no more “Who shot JR” type events. People no longer socialize around the water fountain, talking about 'must see TV'. Blogs can fill that hole, as they are pretty much an 'on demand' media, you type in an URI and there it is. You check out the blog that your friend this is a 'must read' and then talk about it with them over a coffee (or standing outside having a smoke break).

This is, I think, just a small reason for their popularity – although 'reality', 'truth', 'community' being perhaps much bigger reasons for why blogs have taken off so far.

The results of the 2005 Bloggies have been announced, and I didn't win a thing, actually with the exception of Tom Coates, Flickr and Boing Boing – I don't read/use any of the winners.

Does this mean I'm out of the blogging 'loop'?

And not that I'm bitter, but who exactly is this 'Dooce' person?

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  1. Dooce is actually very funny, and makes the subject of bringing up a small pink squealing thing (otherwise known as a baby) entertaining enough to keep me reading, even though you know my opinion on the horrible little monsters.Yes, she's good. Don't know that she's *that* good though.

    Also not convinced about some of the other winners either, but then that's the whole reason I try to avoid the wretched thing as much as possible.

  2. Dude, the fact that you were nominated is pretty cool. Only one other blog I read was nominated and that was Real E. Fun, so be proud of yourself and keep up the good work. (consolation HUG)

  3. I never thought I was going to win, so it's not as if I'm terribly upset.But I would have thought that Real E Fun would have won something – being so well written and everything.

  4. Blogs are a bit like reality TV with the added attractions of interaction through comments AND they avoid the need to swith on the TV 😉

  5. Blogs are a bit like reality TV with the added attractions of interaction through comments AND they avoid the need to switch on the TV 😉

  6. It's a shame you didn't win anything – commiserations. Flickr is great – as a self-confessed techy you would probably like it.

  7. Reasons for popularity of some blogs ? Not the long list of reasons you stated. Blogs are not about to replace conventional media and some bloggers are so hyped about blogging they need treatment.But your other comment ” 'reality', 'truth', 'community' ” is probably closer to the mark. It's not as tacky as some reality TV and it's more personal – because it's not the edited highlights. Hearing about your pizza exchange is an amusing slice of someone else life and work. With other blogs it's getting a front line view on others lives or jobs. Those are the reason I read blogs.

  8. The story is up there (Times) but no pictures, unfortunately. It's called 'Real Life Proves a Gripping Tale'.

  9. “Not a very Blogger friendly” is an understatement but sometimes people like to be cruel. Her indoors has a theory is that I blog so I can remember what it was I did yesterday, being “memory-challenged”; it is certainly not for the number of hits. You at least have an interesting profession which keeps your visitors coming back for more, keep it up.

  10. I read your blog and The Times regularly and I was pleased to see the article about your blog in Public Agenda today. You may not have won the Bloggies but it's pretty impressive that your blog is the 12th most read British blog! Well done!I know Tom Reynolds isn't your real name but is the photo with the article really a picture of you? 😉


  11. Yes it really is a picture of me – I used to have one on the site, but the ribbing from my mates led me to take it down.

  12. You shouldn't be disappointed Tom. You got nominated, which I didn't, you're in the press every left, right and centre, which I'm not, and lots of people read and love your blog. I know these award things sometimes seem like a big deal, but remember who won the Guardian blog awards last year? Yup, Ms Slut-o-Rama. So mostly I think these awards are just so much hot air.Of course, I *would* say that because I never get nominated for nuffink, and am, ergo, bitter and twisted about the whole thing.

  13. Oh, I'm not disappointed at all, what I do at work is important, blogging is much less important – and if I went around looking for the praise of other people, I wouldn't be on the internet at all.*grin*

  14. I confess that when arriving at the shops with my husband yesterday , I grabbed a copy of The Times and flicked through to see your picture & article. My husband said “oi! stop reading that paper, we only have 1/2 an hour to get all this shopping done!”I didn't tell him why I was perusing the paper, and I can't work out why. Maybe it's because blogs are like reality TV – nobody wants to admit to liking it?

    Anyway it was nice to put a face to the pseudonymn.

  15. I've used this blog for similar reasons – more than one police statement has been written with the aid of this blog to jog my memory.

  16. I *would* say that because I never get nominated for nuffink, and am, ergo, bitter and twisted about the whole thing.True, but you get *paid* to blog.


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