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Picture of a catOMG!  isn’t she the absolute cutest cat in the world eva!!!!

She has adopted my mum and brother, and is SO clever, she spends all her time laying next to the telly and can make my mum get up and feed her wehnever she wants.

I luv her so much ::heart:: ::heart:: :heart::

My brother calls her Ni………….




Normal service has been resumed.

11 thoughts on “Cat Blog”

  1. 'What the hell was that???'Was my first thought.

    Then… 'did someone hijack Tom's blog?'

    Then..'Oh, still doing the multiple personality blog posts…'


  2. I suppose Ni hangs out on the path between the two shrubberies.I: 'Could be worse…'

    F: 'How…?'

    I: 'It could be raining…'

    A: 'I met a man with a wooden leg named Smith.'

    B: 'What was the name of his other leg?'

  3. Somebody call 999 quick, clearly a case of overdoing the sitting in a pub and pretending to be Warren Ellis thing.

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