Dodgy Kebab

So there I was, watching the local news and they have finally told people about the dodgy kebab shop that I blogged about here and here. The BBC have written about it on their website (and thanks to Emma for pointing it out to me).
I'd just like to have a bit of smugness about how a blogger broke the news before anyone else.

Shame no-one else really noticed.

(Nearly forgot about this, what with all the searching for people who mutilate their own genitals online)

4 thoughts on “Dodgy Kebab”

  1. I read something in Metro about this yesterday – I was going to write a comment about it, but I didn't hold onto the paper, and I couldn't remember the details….

  2. By chance I saw this on BBC London the other night and suddenly realised it was the same place that you had been talking about! Can't believe that the public have only just been told though.Genital Mutilation is scarier though *shudders* 😀 I saw one where a bloke actually cut off his *ahem* …..


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