8 thoughts on “Warren Ellis VII”

  1. and definitely not safe for female students of a nervous disposition! Ew that's really scary looking. Certainly wouldn't want to encounter that after a night on the town. Do they do special condoms, or do you just have to squueze it in??Merys


  2. I'm a member of BME (the parent site for that page) and believe me, a) he's not the only one, and b) there's much 'worse' on the site (depending on your point of view)

  3. Ergh…Well, whatever floats your boat I suppose… just don't come running to me when it drops off 😉

    I guess I'l have to have a little look around there now.

  4. I couldn't work out at first why someone would take pleasure in tying two raw venison sausages to their genitalia. Then I realised that they AREN'T two raw venison sausages and that IS his genitalia. Effing Nora. What the f@*k would you want to do that for? Aaaaagghhh!

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