Yet More Media Whoring

Mark, the photographer
One of these people is called Olav, while the other is called Mark.

Let me make it easier for you.

Olav is a journalist, Mark is a photographer.

Let your cursor hover over the pictures for the answers

Today, Olav interviewed me for a piece in The Times about 'employee blogging', and blogging in general – while doing this Mark took some pictures of me to go with the article.

Olav bought me a beer with his expense account.

The interview went, I think, pretty well – I was given the chance to blather on a bit about blogging in general, the ambulance service and employee blogging. During this I was able to sup on a pint of ale and pose for some photos. Olav was kind enough to tell me about his own blogging experience, and why The Times asked him to take his blog down – this was a couple of years ago, so if they had thought about it a bit, The Times could have been way ahead of the Observer blog.

Yes, I am turning into a media whore…

After the interview (which could be out next Tuesday), while we walked back toward London Bridge I managed to have a chat with Mark, the photographer. To be honest, I think he should start a blog as he has some great stories to tell – jet-setting around the globe, doing a job that he loves. I just manage to jet-set around Newham and Hackney, and get to pick up drunks.

Being photographed was more than a little strange, there were the 'in conversation' shots, the 'it's just past noon and already he has a pint in his hand' shots, and some 'posed, but they look pretty nice' shots – I particularly like the ones where I was asked to stand still, while the camera was put on a long exposure so that the office workers walking behind me were blurred.

Some of them might even look like the sort of pictures you would see of the author on the back of a books dust jacket.

I'm next working on Friday night (YAY!), so from now until then I shall be trying something new – For the next couple of days I shall be attempting to mimic the work of other bloggers – perhaps I'll even stray into parody. So tomorrow I shall attempt to copy the style of Scaryduck, then I shall try to emulate Diamond Geezer and on Thursday I shall hop on the train to Southend, where I shall find a pub and try my best to write like Warren Ellis. On Friday I shall probably be recovering from the whole 'sit in a pub and pretend to be Warren Ellis' thing.

10 thoughts on “Yet More Media Whoring”

  1. Next time you're stuck at home and wondering if your job is glamorous enough you might want to check out “Mountain Rescue” on the Travel channel on Sky. It's all about the paramedic/doctors RRU in Chamonix in Switzerland. Rather than getting a warmed over Astra Estate or upmarket Skoda Octavia they get a big red helicopter. It seems to have a double advantage.You get to look really cool in shades and you can bypass the traffic completely. The downside (which will make you feel really at home) is that they get to help really dumb members of the public. Although there are way fewer drunks fighting you do get plenty of people who have gone up Mont Blanc and then discovered that it gets really cold and needed airlifting off because of incoming frostbite. Treatment ? A footbath straight from yer mums catalog.

  2. Wow, all this media attention, your head must be swelling! (JOKE!) Next thing we know, you'll be appearing on Richard and Judy, and doing Celebrity Stars In Your Eyes! I'll make sure I get a copy of Radio TImes every week from now on just incase you decide not to tell us about yout tv appearences!Tc,

    Liz & Bump 28 weeks and 2 days, only 82 days to go!!

  3. “BOOOOOOOOOM!” the firework exploded straight up his arse, and minutes later a nice chap called Reynolds appeared in an ambulance.–Scaryduck

  4. Been reading your blog for a few month now, love it.Sorry to get all technical, but here's a point: if your browser is Firefox instead of Internet Exploder, hoving over the images does nothing. FF doesn't turn alt elements into tooltips. It does turn anchor titles into tooltips, however.

    – Phil.

  5. Well… It's not a bad course, and it does get you into the Paramedic course straight away. It takes a lot longer than the basic course.The problem is that there are some old-timers who see 'uni-bods' as being a pain, and to be honest, in the past this could be true. However the university has changed its emphasis, so it's less of a problem nowadays.

    So there is still a bit of 'looking down upon' uni-bods, but they are finding it easier to prove themselves everyday.

    And it is the way that the ambo education is going.

  6. Ahhh…telly, the great undiscovered country (as long as you ignore the Zone 1 challenge on telly last year)82 days eh? wait until you start thinking of it as 'hours' to go.

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