Back From The Bunker

Much fun was had with this bunch of reprobates

This is a fun weekend called Contact where we operate out of the Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker, and fight in the paintball site around it. Sleeping in an underground bunker is a weird experience, there are, surprisingly enough, no windows – and because there are no televisions or radios, you have no idea what is going on in the world.

Not wishing to brag, but when I was in charge of a mission, it worked out really well with all objectives taken, and none of my men shot.

The group that I game with are all great people and Dean, who runs the event is an absolute star.

We also managed to free two cars from some rather sticky mud, and some of us managed to get absolutely covered while doing it.

I also managed to find every rabbit hole during the night, by the simple act of nearly breaking my ankle every five steps – and I think I have discovered a new form of nettle, one that continues to sting 24 hours after laying on it. I am covered in mud (but that only happened after it thawed from the ice it had turned into), my muscles are sore, and I'm completely exhausted.

It was great…

Now for a bath and a sleep.

6 thoughts on “Back From The Bunker”

  1. I'm quite Jellous, we went paintballing for a day about a year ago, it was freezing all day long, we were wet, covered in mud, bruised and batterd but SO MUCH FUN!

  2. I've got to be honest, I love paintballing, but i've never tried airsoft. I never got into paintballing until I worked as a marshall at a site (yes, a chick marshall, I know). Remember guys, shooting the marshalls hurts, as we have no adrenaline to keep us hyped, and no gun to fire back with.The airsoft missions sound like excellent fun though


  3. I know that bunker well. I help run the radio station that is located at the end of the long tunnel just before the blast doors. We've not been doing a vast amount there over the winter time, but the summer sees it more active.Shame it is so bloody cold down there though.

    DTL –

  4. I love paintball, I get together with some people and play a game or two a month once the weather's warm.Never played airsoft through, I've got some friends with airsofts, but they mostly shoot targets and such. With paintball, whether you are hit is a bit more clear as there's paint involved. How is that done with airsoft? Honor system when the ref isn't looking?

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