Fed Up

Well…today was not what you would call a barrel of laughs. I don't know if it was the weather, the lack of jobs (five jobs in a twelve hour shift does not make the shift pass quickly), or that I'm nearing the end of 5 sets of 12 hour days shifts – but I'm rather fed up.
It's not helped by being on your own in a car with no-one to talk to, and if you go back to the station for a bit of human contact you get shooed out by Control who want you either roaming the streets, or sitting at your standby point. Then I come home to an empty flat…

insert sound of mournful violins

There was one bright spark during the shift – that of a supposed heroin overdose. I turned up and the patient (female) was laying in bed asleep, also in the bed was a male. The patient turned out to be a heroin addict, on methadone and was also a prostitute. The flat was pretty much as you'd expect a junkie's flat to look.

The 'patient' was just sleeping, so I woke her up and she told me to go away, which I did – but only after checking her pulse, oxygen levels, blood sugar and so on and so forth.

Sitting in the car afterwards doing my paperwork, I found myself in a slightly better mood, it wasn't because the job was actually funny, nor was I bothered that if her 'male friend' had given her a shake she would have woken up without an RRU and ambulance being sent to her. But for some reason, unknown to be my mood was lifted, if only for a short while.

My final twelve hour shift of this run is tomorrow, when I shall try to post about standby points from my Smartphone. Then I have a week off – at least some of which will be spent running around nuclear bunkers and woods trying to shoot people with plastic pellets

8 thoughts on “Fed Up”

  1. I had to deal with a student last year who had burnt her head whilst ironing her hair. The head burn was really superficial, but she'd trashed her hair. My advice – good hairdresser and GHDsMerys

  2. Maybe the “daft self inflicted injury” that came to me today will cheer you up (it certainly had me in stitches once the girl had gone)… burn on legs due to ironing trousers while wearing them.

  3. Here in La la land, they [Two females] sit in their Ambulence waiting for a pickup [sorry call of the 911 variety] at popular tourist attraction, being entertained by passing, winking, glittering belly buttons and venus traps on ears and wriggly bits. See, it be more fun in the sun [altho today, it be gloomy, London like with bits of drizzle, but warm ] Scarebeus Stercus.

  4. I assume you're off to Kelvedon Hatch to paintball with Dragon's Lair? If you haven't been into the bunker itself, it's well worth a visit, especially with the audio guide. It's actually quite chilling, especially the descriptions of how the weapons stored probably wouldn't have been used on invading Soviets, but starving outsiders.

  5. Sounds more like Airsoft than paintball if it's plastic pellets … used to play down at Free Fire Zone in Peterborough and Ambush in Chobham … great fun 🙂

  6. Maybe this feeling comes with all 'new' jobs – the excitement wears off after a while especially if you have been used to working with someone else and are now working on your own. At least you can talk to yourself in the car without anyone thinking your are mad ?!

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