Standby Point #1

Standby Point #1

This is just a quick test posting to see if I can get picture posting working from my mobile phone

If you can see the picture I've just taken – it's the view from the front of the car as I sit here on standby, in order to better cover our area

Of course, if this hasn't worked, then you will see nothing, and this post will just be confusing.

Extra karma points if you know where I am…

15 thoughts on “Standby Point #1”

  1. You are right, as well as giving the first non-sarcastic answer.I was sitting there waiting for either a job, or the bank to open at 09:00.

    So, of course, I got a call at 08:59…

  2. I can confirm that you are sat outside Macdonalds on Stratford Broadway – do I win five pounds?In a rather scary way I knew this before you posted the picture as I saw you from the top of the 473 this morning!


    Your local librarian!

  3. Hows about:In the drivers seat, in a Vauxhall Astra, being a diesel engine, and to the left side of the right door. Situated infront of the boot, and behind the steering wheel, Somewhere between here and there. Not far from Newham, if at all, in that lovely city of London, in England, in the UK, in europe, in the world, on the planet………yadda yadda.

    Hows about nowhere near there now cos your off somewhere else?!

  4. Damn, the librarian got there first.For extra points though, I can tell you that the building in the distance is St. John's church. Isn't it? Or have I completely lost my bearings…?


  5. I've recently noticed an RRU parked at the end of my road quite a lot recently. What determines where you park up on standby?

  6. Hmm, everyone beat me to the smart arse answers…. ;)The station I am in riatation at this month does a lot of the very same thing. Spent most of the first twelve hours of this shift driving in circles .. go cover here, ok go back, well now go back, ok your done.. wait.. no you're not.. muhahahahaha!!!! Sometimes I wonder if dispatchers just do it for fun.

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