Off The Road

Yesterday I did five jobs, of which I only got to see three patients, as Control sent me to jobs where an ambulance was either already there, or just a lot closer. Of these jobs the only one of any interest was a four year old girl who had vomited, and then was behaving strangely. The child had a number of medical problems, related to her being born at 23 weeks premature. To me it looked like she was 'post ictal' following a fit, but there was no history of a seizure. I was glad that the ambulance crew turned up quickly, as there is little I can do in that situation apart from try to get a provisional diagnosis, and give her some oxygen.
I believe that she was later transferred from our local hospital to a specialised paediatric unit.

Today, at the moment, I'm 'off the road'. According to the night staff, the engine management light has been showing throughout their shift. Also the rear windscreen wiper has stopped working (could these two things be related? I have no idea).

When a vehicle is broken it finds its way to the mechanics who have their garages on our station, a little pink form is filled in letting them know of the vehicle defect and they do their best to fix it. I hate going over to the mechanics, as there is one of their number who has a real attitude problem, and I can't always be bothered to deal with him. I also feel like I'm encroaching on their 'territory' – which is strange seeing as I wander around people's homes all day.

But today, the crew working are all nice people – and I didn't feel too bad about giving them a bit more work to deal with (I've mentioned before how certain vehicles on our fleet are essentially held together with tape and chewing gum).

Once the fault (whatever it is) has been fixed, and the mechanics are quite good at their job so it shouldn't take long, I then need to take the car to get the computer system in it fixed – the GPS system is getting confused and thinks I'm driving around the South of London, which is something I avoid as much as I can…

Then, hopefully, I can start doing some work.

7 thoughts on “Off The Road”

  1. So you don't go sarf of the river and you drive around lots. Ever thought of taking the knowledge?I've always found that when talking to mechanics, its always best to drop your h's and talk like you read 'the mirror'.

  2. tape and chewing gum eh ?So, you are waiting for an accident to happen, in an accident waiting to happen ?

  3. Still getting beaten to the scene ? Just how puny an RRU vehicle have you got ? I think you need a few weeks on HEMS to improve the batting average.

  4. “23 weeks premature” stopped me in my tracks before I realized what you meant. Still, 17 weeks premature is not far off the world record. Poor kid.

  5. “tape and chewing gum “beats a swift kick and baling wire: I just Knew London has changed, in the good old days one only needed compass and watch and take yer sextant and shoot Ursa Minor or was it Aeries, and ye were home as quick as ye say “Bob's yer Huncle”. Next time you speake to the wrench set , ask them if they have found a loose big end. [on second thoughts don't]. I do love dedicated jargon , bradycardia, tachycardia, full 12. It is just to make the ins, ins and Outs stay outs.scarabusfibus

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