40 Days

I must admit that recently my blogging has been rather intermittent – I'm not sure if it because my muse has left me, or just because I'm watching the four walls of my flat in a state of vague boredom, and am therefore unmotivated.
The best way to get out of a writers block is to write about anything – and while I think that you won't be interested in my shopping list, I'm sure I can come up with something of interest each day.

So I will make a promise (and I can't break a promise, it's one of my many character flaws).

For the next 40 days, I shall post at least once. I'll even try to make it ambulance related, or at the very least related to blogging. It'll be tricky, as in two weeks time I'll be spending three days in a Faraday cage, which plays havoc with trying to use my mobile phone to send of a blog post. I'll see if I can do a set of photo's “from the road”, to see how well my ability to mobile blog goes – and I might even try a cheap trick to boost my readership figures. I know people like Diamond Geezer can come up with original, well written stuff every day (for which I am deeply envious), but I think this marathon will be a bit more of a struggle for me. I'll find out by the 6th of April.

I've been told that the link to my last radio spot is wrong – so I think I'll take this opportunity to publicise Adrian McEwen's ability to start a Realaudio stream in mid-point. So you can hear my bit of the radio here, if you've so far missed it. Now Adrian – if you can get that web-app to make the process more user friendly, I'll sing your praises from every mountaintop.

I'm back to work from Sunday – so hopefully my cruising around the streets of Newham (or hiding at my standby point) will provide a plethora of material.

Let the blog-o-marathon begin!

13 thoughts on “40 Days”

  1. I know nothing about ambulance work, but I'm an avid reader of your blog. I'm fascinated as to why you might have to spend three days in a Faraday Cage. Or would it be spilling the beans of a future post to tell me now? I presume you're not intending to be anywhere in the vicinity of a nuclear explosion.Snoop Pussy Puss

  2. I'm sure I've mentioned it before (my little hobby) – but you are right in that it is the basis for a future posting.

  3. Thanks. Have found your earlier post. Do people get hurt at these events? Are your professional skills ever called for? Will you be hampered by your rib? I'm astonished. It makes paintball look like a game for pussies.Snoop Pussy Puss

  4. As appointed 'First Aid Person', I find myself dealing with blisters on people's feet rather than anything more serious. Once though the guy who runs the event (a top bloke), who is registered blind, fell off a wall and broke his elbow – so I ended up running him to hospital at 2am one morning.It was a special pain for him, as he also teaches swordwork.

    Oh, and the first time I ever broke a rib was at an event when I threw myself on the floor to avoid incoming fire, and landed on a rolled up bandage in my chest pocket.

    And it's not as painful (or messy) as paintball.

    I'll do a big post about it closer to the date.

  5. Well, after some initial playing around to convince myself it should be possible, I decided I needed to get my website onto some proper hosting before building any web apps. That bit's done (just), so I can start chipping away at it when I get some spare time. It'll be a while yet, but I'll definitely let you know when it's done…P.s. it's McEwen rather than McEwan, everyone seems to think I'm heir to a lager empire, but sadly not 🙂

  6. The biggest difference when you try blogging every day is that you stop thinking “What shall I blog about next?” and start thinking “What shall I blog about today?” I suspect it's this pressure to perform that inspires a bit more creativity.

  7. Yep, it's pretty much what I'm relying on – I've done this litle trick in the past (the very distant past), and it helped a lot. It actually got me into that habit of posting regularly in the first place.

  8. I had a go at AirSoft a few times and really enjoyed it. My best mate has got some evil equipment but I'm astonished at how much these guns can be…I saw one sniper rifle at a shop in Camden for nigh on 800 quid! You reckon you can do it fairly cheap, Tom?

  9. Well, top end stuff is very expensive (last time I looked you could get a M60 for 1000), but I stick to the fairly cheap stuff, as I dread to think of falling over and breaking stuff – actually the rule is, that if you are falling over _save_the_gun_ – bones heal, guns are expensive.My M16 cost around 200.

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