Radio Reprise

Well, I think it went pretty well – even if some minor celebrity like Ken Livingstone stole a bit of the time away.
You can listen to the broadcast here for the next week – my bit starts 1 hour 19 minutes into the broadcast.

This time, I had a car come and fetch me, and one to bring me back to my doorstep – this was really nice, as I've never gotten chauffeured around before. The drivers are normally contracted to the BBC and drive the radio and TV stars around. Chatting to them I got to hear how Phil Jupitus and Dale Winton are really nice people, while there is a BBC regular who is apparently a right sod to drive around (and is a rarity, as most of the stars are normally nice people).

See, this is what I mean about 'Don't be stupid', (as Robert Scoble puts Microsoft's blogging policy “Be Smart“) I can say nice things about people, but unless it happens directly to me, I can't really say nasty things about people.

Today, instead of sitting in a little cupboard on my own in Broadcasting house (as I did with the Radio Scotland programme) I was in the main studio in White City with Victoria Derbyshire. This meant that it was much easier to have an actual discussion, unfortunately Richard Allan wasn't physically there, but he is probably busy being the MP for Sheffield Hallam.

I managed to say some of the things that I think are important when you consider 'work blogs', but then I could talk about it for an hour, and still not have enough time

Listening back to the broadcast I think it went rather well, and I'm grateful for Victoria giving me the chance to mention “Free Mojtaba and Arash Day“, which I thought put the whole idea of losing your job over blogging in context.

Everyone at the BBC was really nice, and they were all excellent ambassadors for the Beeb – also their offices look really nice.

It was a real pleasure, and thanks to everyone who made my visit so enjoyable.

11 thoughts on “Radio Reprise”

  1. Heh heh – – – you had a hard act to follow, all right.Yep – certainly a more mature discussion than the last one. And I liked the bit about distributing leaflets to all and sundry being a bad way of criticising your manager.

    This bit about councils receiving government money to blog was interesting – reckon we could all do some paid ghost writing?

  2. You did well on the radio segment. Your comments are interesting in voice as they are in word, not many people have that talent.Cheers,


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