Back The Bid

At the moment, one of the more important stories in London is the visit by the IOC to see if London should hold the 2012 Olympics. Stratford will be the main site, which places it firmly in my 'turf'.
So the streets are alive with the banners, decorated buses and trains and the public debate in order to persuade the public to get behind the Olympic bid.

Which is why our ambulances have been stickered with this…

Back the Bid

I'd like London to win the bid – besides being a bit of a giggle, it'd be nice to provide emergency cover for thousands of tourists, athletes and to have the whole 'terrorist' thing to worry about (because I doubt that the 'War on Terror' would be won by then).

That, and it'd be something to tell the non-existent grandchildren.

7 thoughts on “Back The Bid”

  1. I will give London the same level of support they gave Manchester back in 1996 and 2000.You've got two hopes of getting the games – no hope and bob hope.

    And bob's dead.

  2. i really dont think it would do us any good and i find the fact that they only want to put any money into london when the world is watching stinks.and the logo is ugly


  3. Yep.The area needs some serious regeneration – and this might be the thing that starts it all off. Otherwise I can see the whole area sinking into squalor…

    Besides it's the only chance I'll have in my life to see the Olympics (if only in a professional capacity).

  4. I was in Salt Lake for the 2002 Winter Olympics, what I referred to as “The Troubles.” I was dead against the whole thing. Wound up not getting much business in my hospital (in surgery) during the Games themselves. Ultimately it was not so bad, mostly just annoying. Many locally owned places got the shaft, with only the big name places getting benefit. I hear the city about broke even. And the scandals eventually drifted away. The opening and closing fireworks were magnificent enough to soften me up slightly. So, if you get it, well, good luck.

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