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A little while ago it seemed that every other shift I would be working with HEMS. Either RTAs, people falling through their ceilings or babies getting scalded.
The Doctor on HEMS at the time was a very nice Doctor, and after one job which we transported to the Royal London by road – she offered us the opportunity to visit the HEMS flightdeck.

While I was up there, I took this jerky smartphone video of the helicopter and the surrounding view.

I don't often get the chance to take videos or pictures of the jobs I go on (it often doesn't seem right, and I'm normally a bit busy) but in this case it seemed like the right thing to do. As you can see, the view is lovely – and were it not so overcast I imagine that on a quiet day you could get quite a suntan up there.

(If you are quick, you can just see the back of my old crewmates head as he disappears behind the helicopter).

9 thoughts on “Multimedia Experience”

  1. When you pan round to under the rotor, just before you show the gherkin, there is a black tower which looks like its from Isengard or like its on fire. What is it?

  2. Mmmm.. helicopters…..A friend of mine did a placement (she's a final-year student doctor at the moment) with HEMS a few months ago – she didn't get to go out on the helicopters during jobs, but they were just sending them off to be refitted at the time, and she did get one ride when they were taking them out…..

  3. Nice. I live in that area and constantly have that red thing buzzing around, great to see what it all looks like from up there, I could probably see my house !

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