D&V Part 2

It turns out that Newham General Hospital had at least 70 people through their doors concerning the food poisoning epidemic. Some patients also had gone to King George's hospital or to Whipps Cross hospital, which, if you add in the number of people who are suffering in silence at home makes a lot of rather sick people

The kebab place has duly been closed and the various public/environmental health bodies are looking closely at the situation. I have heard an unconfirmed rumour that the cause of the sickness was due to Salmonella

At least one person is very ill, and at least eight people were admitted to Newham hospital. This has stretched the resources in the area to near breaking point, Newham hospital and King George's hospital were both closed on Sunday night because the A&Es were full, and there were no beds left in the hospital.

It got so bad that Newham hospital declared an internal “major incident” a wise choice I think, as it means that the resources needed to deal with the situation are pointed in the right direction.

Unfortunately, with our local hospitals closed, patients have needed to go further to get to a hospital. Some are quite happy, such as those who get taken to the Royal London (remember, in most people's eyes the Royal London is the hospital to go to. Meanwhile others have been less happy (such as those who have been taken to Whipps Cross

It is my belief that a terrorist network doesn't need bombs to bring London to it's knees, it just needs to spread a little Salmonella around, and then watch the NHS collapse

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  1. I remember hearing an unsubstantiated rumour at Anytown about an outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease. Which was kept on the qt because they didn't want the press to know.The last internal incident I remember was when it was a little bit snowy and people couldn't get to work. According to our disaster planner, he was five minutes away from asking me to perform an amputation.

    I don't even think the terrorists need some Salmonella – all they really need is to do is to wait for a bit of bad weather.

  2. Late one Friday night, my girlfriend decided to have a kebab from somewhere on Harringay Green Lanes. The following weekend, she was violently sick and ill.Two weeks later, several people were arrested on Green Lanes for illegal trafficking of bush meat to be sold in kebab shops. Lovely.


  3. I find it odd that anyone eats kebabs anyway, It's something you only do at 01:00 am when you're pissed or coming off work and nothing else is open. At which point you're in no state to really comprehend the origin of kebab “meat”.Given that your only other choice is probably KFC – it's tough call 🙂

    I'd stick with a bag of chips.

  4. Ill go with you on this one. I've been a student for 3 years and have never eaten a kebab in my life. I keep telling my mates that I don't eat lamb, but since there is no lamb in kebabs, then I guess it's not much of an excuse really. I guess I could always try a 'chicken' kebab. For some reason it just doesn't appeal, you would be really bad done by to get food poisoning off fish and chips, so I'll stick with them I reckon. Besides, no alcohol for lent = no pissed food.

  5. Ooooo, mygrandmother was due for an operation at Newham General on Tuesday…we were told to phone in on Monday to see if there were any beds free…now I know why there weren't any available…amazing what you learn everyday!

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