8 thoughts on “Even More Tired”

  1. Looks like my locker at work, and the boot of my car, and my handbag, and my glovebox, and my desk draws.. Mmmm Another night shift tonight…

  2. Hooray for caffeine! All this fighting over oil, imagine the advantage 3rd world countries would have over civilized nations if all the caffeine were taken away.Mmm. Gives me good breakfast ideas…


  3. How long is all that meant to last? Don't you get whopping caffeine/sugar crashes? I feel sick looking at that picture only because Red Bull is evil, fantastic, vile, lovely stuff. Very bad for you. Tut tut but looking at the other comments – thank god for it!

  4. Hoorah for caffeine, the oil that keeps the wheels of the mighty NHS juggernaut turning. At my place of work, Maxwell House is provided in large catering tins that last approx 24hrs!! Despite the fact that it tastes somewhat like sweet battery acid and gives us the fear of perf GI's. I have had countless conversations about half life of caffeine, and optimum doses needed between breaks to acheive optimum working alertness balance against side effects of stomach cramps and shakes that effect patient safety. Have you tried Rocket Fuel, a high caffeine instant coffe with added Guarana. Tastes like s*** but does the job a treat. Heres for a self medicating NHS workforce.

  5. Additional: The NHS LatteTake one polystyrene cup, add two generous spoonfuls of cheap instant coffee, sugar to taste and half fill with milk. Top up with hot, not boiling, water and stir until most, but not all, of the dark brown scum disapears.

    This provides a decent dose of caffeine that can be drunk very rapidly, as no cooling needed, making it perfect for the generously long breaks tha NHS offers. I am currently in negotiations with Starbucks for this recipe so keep it under your hat.

  6. …And that is exactly how I take my coffee, and have for years after working in A&E. For pretty much the reasons you mention.

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