Lack of sleep is not a good thing, especially when you are trying to (*cough*) save lives. Therefore insomnia caused by worrying about a potentially corrupt 'SVCHOST.EXE' file may impact how I deal with people.
So it's a good job I was driving today. It's also a good job that no idiot decided to pick today to leap out in front of the big yellow truck with blue flashy lights that was making loud warbling sounds.

However, things that will cheer me up include finally getting a CTU (from TV's '24') ringtone working on my phone.

I also found out that the world is indeed a small place because I read about a R&B star on Warren Ellis' site, who decided to pluck out an eye, only to then turn around in my chair and chat with the crew who took him to hospital.

I could give you the inside gossip, but it'd be breaching patient confidentiality, a big No-no. But I can tell you that no-one around here knew who he was. All the other information/pictures are in the public domain.

However my day was made so much better because my 'secret plan' has unfolded, and I will start my new role on Monday.

But for now, the ability to form coherent sentences is leaving me. I must sleep – I have another 12 hour shift tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Tired”

  1. Oh my word!I hadn't watched any TV in ages, but remembered their phone did have a rather unusual ring.

    I listened to your MP3, and just started grinning like a nutter! I bet you're dead proud of that. Added bonus that anyone who has seen 24 will find it really amusing – but no one else will realise! 🙂

  2. No you've not missed anything – it's a cheap trick I'm using to keep people reading the blog.You'll find out about it on Monday.

    After I've used an image editor…

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Intriguing.Ive just been so busy getting past the recruitment stage of the ambulance, ive not been reding the blog as much – sowwi!! and thought id missed the big announcement

  4. SVCHOST.exe – sounds like a problem we had on one of our machines. Every couple of min, a box popped up saying it was corrupt, click OK and the cycle repeats. I spent ages trying to sort it out, never got anywhere, did a complete reinstall in the end. Good luck, and make backups now!

  5. I have CTU in wav format so am going to join the rolercoster and attempt to get it into midi or whatever so it'll work on me phone

  6. A colleague of mine had that ringtone on his phone too and I persuaded him to answer it “CTU, Almeida” for authenticity 🙂

  7. Took 2 attempts before I got the guts to click on the link… maybe that “not doing eyes” thing is fading.I thought master plan was starting last Friday?

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