Ivan Noble

I'm saddened by the news that Ivan Noble has died. Ivan was a journalist for the BBC who had been writing about coping with a brain tumour for the past two years. I think that he touched a lot of people with his honest, heartfelt writing. A collection of his diaries will be published later this year, with the proceeds going to charity.

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  1. I got a bit worked up about the news too. My wife died 18 months ago from cancer and I can only think now what his family are going through.I did think about blogging my experiences of widowhood, which now would have helped people like his wife, but coming to terms with grief and keeping a diary about it was too much for me.

    I had enormous respect for Ivan Noble because of this, simply coping with the fear and experience was enough for most, now he has left a legacy that can act as a positive influence on others, I consider him nothing less than a true hero for that.

    Rest In Peace Ivan.

  2. I too felt very saddened by the news, I followed his online diary from the beginning and it was an honest eye-opener and always gave me something to think about.G

  3. When I read his last post, I thought he must've been very poorly by then – my eyes welled up immediately. After reading his last few sentences, I made a promise to myself – to keep off the ciggies, not even allowing myself the odd one. I will think of him every time I'm tempted, and remember that when we're given a chance to prevent cancer, we should take it.

  4. I knew Ivan – I was a colleague of his … and he was the kindest, most gentle person you could ever have met – and a surprising well of humour as well….We are all missing you here, Ivan!


  5. i also used to follow his diary as my husband was going through the same thing. My husband died last week and today i looked and found out about Ivan. My husband also smiled up to the end and i thanks the lord every day for the strength he gave me to cope with his illness

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