Vote Early, Vote Often

The server problems that have plagued the Bloggies have been resolved, so now would be a good time to go there and vote for your favourite sites. Feel free to vote for whomever you like (at least in the categories that I'm not mentioned in…). There are some great sites mentioned, and in a lot of the sections I was torn which way to vote.
All I can say about the people in the 'Tagline' category, is that you shouldn't vote for Scaryduck, if only because he regularly makes me soil myself with laughter – and I don't think that increasing my laundry workload should be rewarded.

Oh, and can I just say that Jane Perrone is a very nice person, she was the first person to interview me.

Joey made me very welcome in Canada last year – and was also one of the reasons why I got into this blogging lark in the first place.

And my final 'for consideration' should go to Real E Fun, who is just a bloody excellent writer, and shows me up for the hack that I am.

Don't ask me who to vote for in the 'Best British or Irish Weblog'. I don't know myself.

Mum, get Brother to show you how to vote…

3 thoughts on “Vote Early, Vote Often”

  1. awwwww, Tom, you've made me blush AGAIN! Sod the e-hugs, here's an e-smackerMWAH!

    I don't think you're a hack, I think you should be writing a book. If you're not already.

    I too need to give careful consideration to 'Best British or Irish', although Green Fairy often makes me laugh. I'd recommend 360 Degrees Of Sky in the 'Best African or Middle Eastern' category (although I wouldn't recommend the category itself because it seems like too many different countries to lump in together), and also Petite Anglaise in the 'Best New' section.

  2. I did like the other contenders in the “Best tagline” category… The top three are funny just from seeing their blog titles, but I suspect that for the last two (yours included) you need to know a little more about the subject matter….Congrats on the nomination – and good luck!

    Hugh Macdonald

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