For those that are interested, I've joined the team at Heardsaid. It's a blog that contains little posts that are like one-two punches. Things that we have heard that are probably true, never proven, but always interesting.
…They could literally be about anything or anyone but the really compelling and dangerous aspect is that corroboration isn't necessary. We'll present this stuff just as we heard it and it's up to the reader to decide whether it's true or not. The only basic rule is that we can't just make things up ourselves and that generally there isn't a structure. That's what encyclopedias are for — its chatty and conversational — like a personal weblog about answering questions which haven't been asked yet.

This reminds me, I need to write more for Lingual Nerve (the other writers are much better than me).

I also need to work out how to get paid for all this writing…

5 thoughts on “Heardsaid”

  1. Welcome to the Heardsaid team Tom! Good to have you on board bringing a dose of celebrity with you.Oh, and yes, when you figure out how to make this blogging lark pay, I think there's about 6.5 million people who would also like to know. Although at least you're in with a chance at being offered a book deal…

    Actually, you know what I'd like to see? It'd be way cool if you got to do one of those TV documentaries where they follow round an ambulance crew. You'd be good at that.

  2. Hey, I've now twice had stuff appear in Popbitch – that's where the real cachet is, my friend!OK, maybe not.

    Tom (not that one)

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