Two posts today…
First off, thanks to everyone that nominated me for the Bloggies, I'm nominated for two categories (sort of), the first being Best Tagline (Trying to kill as few people as possible, less a tagline – more a statement of intent). The other is being the subject of a blog article (one of the Guardian articles). More details than that I cannot give you, as apart from a few hours around 1am, the site has been down as people have hit it's bandwidth limit pretty hard.

It's up to you if you want to go and vote for me, but go and have a look at the other blogs mentioned – there is a lot of gold out there.

Every so often, things start to go wrong around me – nothing particularly bad, just little things. The problem is that it tends to come in little clumps, normally when things are going so well. Recently I've had problems with an external hard drive I bought, problems with the post office, a broken mobile phone, ambulances that fall apart as soon as I sit in them and a camera that has suddenly decided to only start using it's flash when it wants too.

All these are not insurmountable problems, and eventually this period of technological meltdown will end.

But last night my laptop (centre of my life at the moment) decided to throw a wobbly. Everytime I boot it up I get a “TCP/IP Transport Network not loaded” error message, which has broken my web access. I have tried everything that I can think of, but there is, as far as I can see it, no easy way to replace what are probably corrupted services in Windows XP.

It'd help if I had something other than the dreaded “Recovery Disk”, which will wipe the hard drive of around 60Gb of data, and leave me having to set up my system exactly how I like it. I'm hoping I can find a way around it without having to do this drastic action – but just in case I'm making a copy of my hard disk so that nothing gets lost.

I'm also working a funny shift pattern this week – which means that in 24 hours I'm back at work on a 7am Wednesday start after a Monday (finish at 7am Tuesday) nightshift.


Oh well, at least I'm still breathing, which is more than I can say about some of my patients…

Oh, and the next post contains a hint about my 'secret plan'.

Update: Thanks to this page, my “TCP/IP Transport Network not loaded” problems are solved. My happiness is unbounded. In other words, I can go play City of Heroes

9 thoughts on “Entropy”

  1. Ooh, City of Heroes? What server are you on? – I'm Y'gor on Victory (US) and Bomb on Defiant (UK)- we should team up to fight evil!

  2. Have you tried “System Restore”?If you're using XP, do a search in Help for “System Restore”, and choose “Run the System Restore Wizard.”

    Have never used it myself so can't vouch for it, but might be less drastic than a full reinstall…

  3. Darnation! Well, never mind. I'll have to hope you'll be my hero on the somewhat safer streets of London… 😉

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