Man Attacked In Back Of Ambulance

By Neville Dean, PA Crime Correspondent

A 27-year-old man was critically ill in hospital tonight after several youths climbed into the back of an ambulance to attack him.

The victim had initially been injured during a fight involving around 20 youths armed with baseball bats and a knife in Bounds Green Road, north London.

He had suffered a head injury but managed to get to the ambulance, which was close by on an unrelated call to help an elderly collapsed woman.

As the victim sat in the back, several of the youths who had been chasing him then climbed in and assaulted him.

A member of the ambulance crew was also assaulted, though not seriously. He continued to treat the victim and managed to request urgent police assistance.

The suspects then made off. All those involved are believed to be of eastern European origin

The victim was rushed to hospital, where his condition was tonight said to be critical

The original caller, an elderly woman who had fallen, was treated at home and did not need to go to hospital.

Three men were arrested shortly after the fight, which happened at around 9.10pm yesterday. They are in custody at separate north London police stations.

Police are keeping an open mind about the motive for the attack and are taking statements from those involved.

An incident room has been opened at Lewisham, under Detective Chief Inspector Phil Adams. Anyone with information is asked to call 020 8284 4868 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Have a look here for the BBC story

From what I hear on the rumour-mill, the Paramedic wasn't seriously hurt.

The victim later died in hospital. It's a sad state of affairs when you have armed gangs jumping into an ambulance in order to kill someone.

Fighting between gangs is something that we are seeing more and more of. Random muggings are fairly rare, but violence between gangs, or people who otherwise know each other is the main type of violence that we see.

Normally fuelled by alcohol…

The police have impounded the ambulance for forensic examination, which is going to be a hell of a job considering the state of our motors.

15 thoughts on “Man Attacked In Back Of Ambulance”

  1. “The police have impounded the ambulance for forensic examination, which is going to be a hell of a job considering the state of our motors.”I can just picture the police reading the forensics report… “well, there are more than 50 blood stains of varying sizes, that they've identified as coming from 14 different people… hair samples from another 20 or so… and more fibre samples than we can count…”

    And if the attack happened in Bounds Green, why on earth is the incident room down in Lewisham?

  2. Well Reynolds has said what needs to be said but I'd like to add this one:Anonymous, how would you expect us to accept your statements as credible, when in your initial comment you identify yourself no further than as “Anonymous”?

  3. The gang culture thing always saddens me. I wonder whether there'd be any merit in raising some kind of public shaming exercise (as per drink-driving a few years ago), or whether the relative youth of most gangs would render that impotent.Also, been wondering if there's any concensus amongst ambulance crews about the recent talk about 24 hour drinks licences. I've heard mixed comments from police sources.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Question Time some time in the future – playing the part of “the sensible one”. Wellness to you.

  4. What really annoys me when members of the emergency services get attacked like this, is that the following night the creatures that attacked that paramedic may well call on the services of that very paramedic and expect treatment without prejudice, AND GET IT.When the Fire, Police or Ambulance crews respond to a shout, it doesn't matter that the person calling for help is the most vile creature on the planet, they will respond in the most professional manner possible.

    The Police have to put up with this sort of thing, it's the nature of the job, but Ambulance and Fire crews should be Sacrosanct/sacred cows, they should not in any circumstances be attacked, they are only interested in helping, yet get the most vile abuse thrown at them.

    I am appalled at this incident and hope that the creatures that carried out this attack, get caught, get a good kicking by the Police(yet out of professional pride and wanting to get a good result, I don't believe the Police would do this) and get hammered by the courts, as if such a court could be found.

    It was their deprived upbringing you see, they didn't have the right kind of toys, this is what made them act in such a fashion.

    I hope and pray thet the Ambulance crew involved are OK.

  5. …fifteen vomit samples, twelve sweat samples, and one semen sample…And I don't know why the incident room is in Lewisham, Edmonton station had a murder squad the last I knew.

  6. Anonymous if you had actually managed to read the snippet quoted by Reynolds, you would discover the following quote:“A member of the ambulance crew was also assaulted, though not seriously”

    I guess your assertive blurt to the contrary was blatantly wrong, eh?

  7. You get this kind of b*llocks a lot in Green Lanes, Haringey, where I used to live – Cypriots of assorted affiliation knocking lumps out of each other from what I could tell. You used to know it was about to kick off because there'd be two separate groups of blokes (all old enough to know better) outside their respective “clubs” usually on opposite sides of the street, wrapping their belts around their fists and shouting insults at each other.As a civilian I happily ignored them. They were too busy belting each other to be a danger to anyone else. But I guess if you're an ambulance crew (or any other kind of emergency service that might be called) you can't help getting in the way! Amazing they have so little respect for the emergency services though. Who do they think comes out if their mother has a fall or their son has a nasty accident??

  8. Anything with lights and a siren is now a target. I had a boss in South Central LA who told me about the time she heard something hit the side of the ambulance on the way to pick someone up at the hospital (no lights, no siren, just a grunt call), when she got out she found a bullet hole 2 inches behind where her head had been. Those people don't care what happens until it's them in the back. Usually if it was a gang related call like this we tried to get going as fast as possible just in case they came back with a bigger gun the next time. The police presence helped but didn't always deter them. I got some good advice once, when they start shooting jump behind the fire truck, they stop bullets really well.

  9. Sorry, I think you'll find that when Reynolds gets a chance to check his facts on this one he will stumble across the truth. In the mean time its probably worth realizing that there are a large number of staff within the LAS and there's a good chance more than one member of staff is capable of using a computer. I can't begin to imagine how upsetting this incident this incident was for the staff involved but I do think it's important to emphasise that they themselves were not assaulted, regardless of what is written here.

  10. one seman sample? How would that get there I wonder, its not what I would usually think of in the back of ambulance.

  11. Not sure why the incident room would be in Lewisham, but perhaps it's because Lewisham has a shiny new (and massive) police station so they'll get stuff farmed out to them? Quite what they're doing about the Lewisham criminals (like my recent burglar, grrr) I really don't know, but that's another story.Anyway – great blog, discovered it a week or so back. You wouldn't get me working in the LAS in a million years, I'll stick to health visiting – still get the dramas, but (usually) not so much blood and gore. Oh yeah, and Monday-Friday 9-5.


  12. Well, if you want to give us the right story, I'l be glad to make a correction – I'm not saying I was present, I'm just reporting and commenting on what was in the National media and the BWTS forum. This goes for anything that I get from the news, I'm more than happy to set the record straight from the people involved.I mean, I don't have the enormous resources of print media, and they get things wrong more often than not.

    And I'm always careful with stuff from the BWTS forum, because when the story first broke there, it was thought that one of the crew was dead – thought that it might not be a good idea to write about that until it was proven true…

    …So I do have some restraint.

    I'm also fully aware that lots of people in the LAS read this blog – which doesn't make a difference on what I post on, as I always wrote as if everyone in the LAS was reading this blog.

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