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Yesterday was almost unbelievably quiet, I did a grand total of five jobs in a twelve hour shift, something pretty much unheard of in our neck of the woods. What made it more remarkable was that half of the crews from Poplar station were off the road with broken ambulances, and yet we weren't needed to cover their area.
The first job was an 'assist only', which most often means that some little old lady has fallen over, or gotten stuck on the toilet. They haven't injured themselves, but just need a bit of a hand to get back on their feet. I've never heard anyone complain about being used for assist only jobs, I suppose it's because they are easy to deal with, and the patient is always grateful.

We used to have to go to nursing homes to help them lift patients, but management, along with our Health and Safety group realised that we were hurting our backs, when all nursing homes should have the proper equipment to lift people (hoists and the like).

I also had to give a statement to the police about a job that I went to in June, it appears that they are charging the fiancée with murder. The policeman told me a few interesting things about the case that I don't think I can go into details about, just in case someone who reads this ends up sitting on the jury.

However I did learn an interesting factoid from the policeman – that Newham has the highest number of paedophiles in the UK. Maybe I should forward this to “Heardsaid“.

I also found out that I am one step closer towards my secret master plan…

The title for this post concerns the superstition in all healthcare, that to utter the phrase “It's quiet” is to invite disaster, the correct usage should be “It's a bit Q-word here today”.

16 thoughts on “Q Word”

  1. I'd rather not, for the reason I gave in the post – just in case I get pulled up for 'influencing the jury'. I'm not sure that it would make any diference, but as I've never studied journalism I'd rather stay on the side of caution.

  2. Yes, when it first happened it was thought that the 'medic had died, due to the noise and confusion over the radio. Apparently the victim jumped into the ambulance to escape his attackers, but they followed him and killed him in the back of the ambulance.The paramedic was injured, but luckily only slightly.

    I pity the por sod who has to gather forensic evidence from the back of one of our filthy motors.

  3. Panemayoo. That's Russian for understand. I realised you couldn't comment after posting. It's always the way after the letter's gone – should I have posted it? Ahhh.Keep yer pecker up!

  4. I think the “Q word” thing is accross all the mergency services – I know one or two police officers, and they will say things like “It is a bit Q here this morning”

  5. I've been reprimanded for my use of the 'Q word' in a few places – A&E, wards, and on ambulance shifts. Unfortuntely as a student, I much prefer it when it's the 'B word', since I can go home if I feel tired – I'm mostly just observing!The 'B word' = lots of interesting things to see!

  6. The words out : if ye travel by by van with Red cross flag flying or it says Ambulance on it. It means walk if ye not flat on ye back. otherwise ye pay. JUST a tort dungbeetle.

  7. Just as I am leaving my shift in the ED's of a busy hospital I say…..BLIMEY ITS BEEN A QUIET DAY, HOPE YOUR NIGHT IS AS QUIET!

    Laughing a Evil Giggle!

  8. I may be a bit thick, but I read the posting in June and couldn't see why the fiancee was being charged with murder. If 'Death by argument' was a crime, every marriage would have a charge at some time. Can you expand pls.

  9. ooh I know I should be caring about all the important issues in this post and the June one that I just re-read – but I can't because I'm obsessing about what your secret plan might be – was that a clue in the comments to the June post?

  10. I've just read the horrifying story of a man attacked while being treated in the back of an ambulance, with the paramedic treating him also suffering injuries. Unfortunately the patient later died. The story on the BBC News site says this happened in North London – makes you wonder about the human race. I hope you never have to experience that kind of incident (BBC News Story).

  11. Not saying the Q word is something I learnt when I first started training! I used to work at one of Tom's old workplace's and I remember it was an absolute sin to say it.

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