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For those that are interested in such things, I have been asked by BBC Radio Scotland to appear on one of their programmes to discuss the whole 'employee blogging' thing. Also on the programme will be an internet lawyer, a pro-blogging journalist and an anti-blogging employer. So it looks as if it might be an interesting discussion. I think my role is to show how employees who blog are not some form of secret-leaking, confidentiality breaching, libel monsters.
It's the first time I've ever been on the radio – so I'm a little nervous, I've already asked some very clever people (who think about blogging for a job) for advice, which I think I'll follow, plus I'll be putting in some hours to gather notes on current ideas in blogging, so I (hopefully) won't come across as a complete idiot.

The programme starts around 10am this coming Monday, and you can listen via the website – and if you miss it, then they archive the programmes for a week, I'm appearing on the Gary Robertson show.

The only sad thing about it is that I don't actually get to visit Scotland, instead I shall be sitting in a studio in London, which is still plenty exciting for little old me.

Advice/comments/warnings gratefully received.

Offers for me to write books, write columns, appear on the TV, open summer fêtes or appear in pantomime will be considered.

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  1. what ever you do don't read from notes when replying to questions etc. As a previous commentor said act as though your talking to a friend down the pub. Most of all ignore the mike. Lawn

  2. Yeah, I caught the Waterstones bloggers sacking just as I was getting ready to leave this morning.I'd tend to agree about the Blogger's bill of rights, at least in some way – it's a nice idea to write policy, but it needs to be up to the company to set the limits, not that of an untrained blogger.

    Queen of the Sky has become famous through her being sacked – so it is only natural that she is trying to prolong her time doing 'stuff' to keep her wanted and famous.

    Much like what I'll be doing soon…

  3. Break a leg (if you'll excuse the traditional reference), my friend. I've been checking your site periodically since you were mentioned in the BBC story, and it looks like you write a good one. My wife is a family practice doctor on this side of the Pond, and I've suggested your blog to her as of interest.I don't have any suggestions for you, but I'll try to remember to check the Web site again tomorrow and listen to the show.

  4. I don't agree that blogs need to be a special case in employment contracts, but I've blogged that, so no point in expanding here. I can see QoS posing for Playboy in a last desperate attention whoring attempt.Please don't consider that πŸ˜€

  5. I heard it earlier and you did well. I didn't like that manager they bought on but i guess he probably represents a large viewpoint. You fought your corner well, who knows next you could appear on This Morning or Richard and Judy. And if you want to speak Urdu then shouldn't your bosses (who are getting us tax payers money) pay for a course if it is deemed a requirement of your job? It could be an idea if you want to check it out.Anyway i was just wondering you mentioned some people in big organisations like microsoft and General Motors who had blogs, any links?

    Anyway keep up the good work.

  6. only as in published in print. re: Write up two sets of notes: 'Wot' you want to say and never be asked. Two: wot yer must NOT say: when answering, repeat the question in a round about way, like Are you saying this or that, that is to clear up any mis understanding by the question being asked by the Interogator. Give yourself time to get those thoughts organised. And the best of Blighty luck toye and be yer sweet self. The Hard part for some is to keep it short and pithy..

  7. Go tommy, go tommy! Well look at you Mr Mainstream media guy.As a veteran of several radio appearances, the best method I can suggest to deal with any nerves or anything like that is to just talk to the person or Microphone in front of you, talk slowly and try and be natural.

    You may be interested in this:


    Which is the interview I did for the Guardian – I think Mr Teacher's and Wrapstar's are there somewhere too. It should give you an idea of what sort of questions to expect.

    Oh and don't let that anti-blogging boss win will you!

    How do you feel about widdow twany in next years blogging panto?

  8. Dammit, Dr Dre beat me to it. You'd make a great Widow Twanky! Your voice should come accross nicely on the radio I am sure the Scoctish audience will like it.What should we address you as now your are almost a celebrity?

  9. Good luck.Like Dr Dre said – you're always talking faster than you think you are. If you can forget about the situation and think of it as a conversation it helps immensely.

    Perhaps have an answer ready about how the comments system works? The Morrison's blog is gonna come a cropper because anonymous people are leaving comments that name people and are certainly actionable. Which is a bit unfair on the blogger concerned.

  10. My boyfriend is a radio presenter, and I regularly appear on his shows as a guest speaker. His blog is http://spaces.msn.com/members/stevequinn He'd be the best person to give you advice on overcomming your nerves. If you leave a comment on there then he will reply (I'll make sure of it!) He visits the blog several times a dayI'll try and tune in, oh and by the way, I nominated your blog for you πŸ˜€


  11. Biggest thing to remember is to try and speak as if you were talking to a mate down the pub (unless, of course, your normal down-the-pub repartee is littered with profanities)- not as if you were giving a lecture.Best of luck πŸ™‚

  12. Tom,I listen to Gary Robertson on a fairly regular basis, am not sure if I'll catch live as it were, just finishing 4 12-hour night shifts.

    He is a well respected broadcaster, won an award for the best broadcast interview relating to mental health (MSP Rosie Kane). I'm pretty sure he will not try and make life difficult but won't hold back if he thinks there may be a point that needs clarification.

    Enjoy, I'll be listening later…………

  13. Write notes is to collect ones thougths on the theme. As W.Churchill was supposed to have been caught in the Jacques mouthing off, when asked what was he up to, 'Just practising my Impromtus' was the response. When you have reviewed your thoughts, then toss the notes in to the incinetator. Never be unprepared. dungbeatle

  14. Interesting timing, as Waterstones in Edinburgh fired a blogger last weekYou might want to check out the (in my opinion) childish demands and lists at The Bloogers Bill of Rights ; note that they list Microsoft, which isn't exactly accurate and the blog owner says she'll only take them off if Bill Gates sends her money. I was so annoyed at the silly people I blogged a response, but as they don't support trackbacks I doubt they'll ever see it.

    Good luck.

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