Yesterday there were around 5,000 ambulance jobs across London (estimated by there being 4,925 jobs at 23:22) That is compared to the more normal 3,200-3,500 that occurs during the rest of the year.
And we only have to wait another 363 days for it to happen again.

…Or maybe not. The number of calls we are going on has steadily increased over the years – perhaps by the end of 2005 it will be normal to have 4,000+ jobs a day.

11 thoughts on “5000+”

  1. Hi, Tom. I usually just lurk but wanted to wish you a happy new year and I'm glad you survived the holidays! pat in texas

  2. HelloI have been reading you blog for ages now, but I just wanted to say hello, Happy New Year and I think you do both an amazing job and and an amazing blog.

    I would like to be a paramedic 'when I grow up' – my biggest stumbling block so far is being a crap driver. Still, maybe one day.

    Take care and thank you



  3. You win, we only did just over 1000 at Christmas and our stats were total pants due to increase in calls and decrease in decent weather.

  4. Thank you. Wait until you stop counting how far along the bump is, and instead start counting down to how soon you can get it out of you…

  5. Thank you, and a happy new year to you as well.If I disappear for a bit, it'l be because the the major hit to my bandwidth I'm getting.

  6. Thanks, I wouldn't worry about the 'crap driver' bit, most of us (myself especially) started out as crap drivers, once you have dented a few ambulances, you soon learn how to weave them through traffic (or rather – sit there with lights and sirens waiting for some moron to get out of your way)

  7. 1000! You lucky, lucky, lucky b**tard. And that's after an increase?We do 1000 jobs before 10am.

    Maybe if I moved from London to the outskirts of some village in Wales…

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