End Of The Holidays

I hate Sundays, and the whole holiday period is like one long Sunday. This is why I haven't been particularly motivated to blog. It's not that I had nothing to write about – there was the drug mule, the man who fell through his ceiling and the 3 year old with continuous fitting, it's just that the desire to blog, or in fact the desire to do anything. wasn't enough to overcome the stronger desire to lounge around my flat eating chocolate.
Luckily for everyone who reads this, the holiday period is nearly over, and so normal service will be resumed.

I'm writing this after the first job of the day, a nice simple job of transferring a 16 year old who had been shot in the eye with an air pistol to the local specialist eye hospital. He was very reluctant to say why he just happened to have a lead pellet stuck behind his eye, but it seems that 'self-inflicted' was the most likely possibility.

If I get anything interesting in the next couple of hours, I'll let you know – I'm working 12 hour shifts for the next three days, so hopefully there will be something interesting to write about…

5 thoughts on “End Of The Holidays”

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