I was going to post something about how, every Christmas period, I wait for the terrible tragedies to occur. For some reason the holiday season seems to mean you have more dead children, more families killed by fires and more people being murdered for minor reasons.
But it seems rather pointless with the thousands killed in Asia.

Last night was busy (3,600 jobs) but not as busy as Christmas eve (3,800 jobs) – the main problem though, was that manning of Control and of ambulances was particularly poor. Which only made me more exasperated when we got called to a 3 year old child with a cough for 16 days. I couldn't quite bring myself to ask why they were calling us at 10pm on one of the traditionally busiest nights of the year.

Luckily I didn't have to deal with anyone who was actually ill, so personally it was a fairly easy night. Last shift tonight, and then four days off to relax and recover.

3 thoughts on “Tragedy”

  1. First job was a perferated ulcer who is in HDU FUBARBUNDY, later on took in a fall leading to depressed skull fracture with memory/identity loss, DPS (dumb parent syndrome – serially ill kid reported not breathing, get there and he has a bit of a cough), threw someone off my motor for being verbally abusive with sexual harrassment over tones, took in numerous people who had been in punch ups and had a generally crappy and far too busy set of Christmas nights.Some people have no sense of propriety.

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