Yesterday continued to be busy – out of five further calls, four of those had to be 'blued' into hospital and put straight into the resus room. This is not normal. There were two serious asthma attacks, a heart attack, and something else that I can't remember (it all became such a blur…)
Today however, the first job was given as an 'Abdominal pain', but as we spoke to the patient it turned out that he had called us for his toothache – the toothache that he had had for all of 10 minutes, and that the pain was getting better…

Second call was to a seven year old boy who had managed to pull a Sky set-top box on top of his head. A minor cut, which was treated at hospital.

The rest of the day continued in much the same way, although the hospital got very busy as it seems that everyone in Newham chose today to get sick/have a check-up/decide that their sore throat must get seen today… And it also seemed that it was some other crews turn to bring in loads of sick patients – the resus room was full for most of the day.

But ultimately, for myself, it was nice to have some jobs that I didn't have to stress about. This is what is so nice about this job, you never know what you are going to get from one job to another.

And thanks to everyone who either left a comment or emailed me privately about the last post – it's much appreciated

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