Eppure Si Muove

Just some back from my favourite job of the last four 12 hour shifts…
Patient is 6 months pregnant and she is feeling the baby move. Given to us as “Abdominal pain, pregnant – Category 'A'”.

Had to take her out of our area to the maternity unit she is booked under.

Panicking neighbours were telling her it was early labour (Quote I've had three babies)

At least the patient herself was fairly pleasant…

6 thoughts on “Eppure Si Muove”

  1. You seem to get an awful amount of these sorts of calls to people not really understanding what it's like to be pregnant. Is it just you or does it happen to all the other EMT's as well? I guess it is better to be safe than sorry but I find it quite amazing that feeling a baby move/Cat A trapped wind can be translated into 'abdominal pain cat A'. How does that happen?

  2. And the woman will be expected to look after a baby, … hummmBrace yourself for a few catA difficulty breathing, under 3 calls to the same address in a few months everytime the baby has the sniffles.

    On the plus side it makes me realise I am not half as neurotic a mother as I think I am.

  3. While about 85% of calls to my ambulance are dispatched as Priority 1 (Emergency – red lights and sirens to the scene) only about 5-10% of them are driven from the scene Priority 1… The rest are just taxi rides. Just goes to show you people generally don't have a clue about what is an emergency and what is not.

  4. Blame modern contraception. For the last 3 generations most families have had on average no more than one daughter so there's a good chance today's new mums have never had the experience of watching a mum/aunt/sister going through pregnancy. Contrary to folklore girls aren't born with an instinctive knowledge of what goes on, it has to be learned. Small wonder they're scared to death and think they're dying when the little chap starts turning somersaults inside them.

  5. Agreed, could it also be that the amount of Midwives/GPs that are providing good advice are also decreasing? But you are right that we tend to get less trouble from the people who come from large families (of which we have a large amount in our area).

  6. speaking as a midwife it doesn't really matter how much good advice you give to some people, the temptation to call out an ambulance as their chosen method of transport simply BECAUSE they are pregnant seems to be too great to resist. possibly the most annoying are those not in labour who would then like an ambulance to take them home please as they don't have transport of their own.

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