What’s In Your Pockets

Writing yesterday about having to carry a radiation meter has made me think about all the things I have to/choose to carry in my pockets. I also have a 'bat-belt' which I could wear if I wanted to lose all face in the service, so it stays in the ambulance until I need it.
In my pockets at the moment (and I suspect that this is an echo of some type of meme)

Shirt pocket – right – 4 vials of Salbutamol (asthma medication), half-eaten packet of breath mints (for those post curry/kebab moments), security card for the Royal London Hospital (opens doors for me), work emergency phone

Shirt pocket – left – Black pen, spare black pen, pen torch, small pair of scissors, spare stylus for pocket PC, roll of medical tape, Four sticking plasters (because someone read this, and supplied me with them)

Upper right trouser pocket – Pocket PC

Upper left trouser pocket – wallet (for when I really need that curry/kebab).

Belt – Personal mobile phone, keys to the ambulance if I'm driving that day.

Right trouser pocket – (lower) – Examination gloves – size large (lots of them, never know when you need more than one pair), face mask (because, you never know…yet to be used, so it is looking very grubby), trauma scissors.

Left trouser pocket – (lower) – Key to oxygen cylinders, Number 2 dressing (biggish bandage), guidelines booklet

(huge thing that gives us guidance on all aspects of the job, from drug protocols to hospital specialities)

Right rear trouser pocket – Triangular bandage/sling, spare pair of latex gloves. (I carry a pair of latex gloves outside of work as well, as I told the interview board when I applied for the job “I'll do anything if I have a pair of gloves on”).

Left rear trouser pocket – Cheat sheet and ruler for doing things with a 12 lead e.c.g (broken because I sat on it – held together by medical tape), London ambulance service benevolent fund diary.

Stab vest pockets – Spare gloves (can you tell I like having a surfeit of latex gloves).

Is it any wonder I get out of breath when I have to climb a couple of flights of stairs – especially considering the response bag, oxygen, and other medical kit I have to lug around.

The funny thing is that I could do most of this list from memory, sitting in the pub

11 thoughts on “What’s In Your Pockets”

  1. Just like the assassin in one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, I see you putting all that gear in your various pockets, pat the last full pocket with satisfaction, then fall backwards under the weight…

  2. Errr. call me daft but have you heard of a wonderous invention called… the bag.It's quite clever, saves your trousers falling down when you fill the pockets too much.

    Not that that has happened to me… er… no no. Not me. Honest Guv!

  3. Shirt pocket – right – packet of chewing gum, personal mobile phone, lipsylShirt pocket – left – cash card, bit of change, small diary

    Left sleeve Pocket – BWTS pen, pen torch

    Upper right trouser pocket – nothing

    Upper left trouser pocket – nothing

    Belt – pair of non latex gloves, keys to the ambulance if I'm driving that day.

    Right trouser pocket – (lower) – nothing (bigger thighs? no thanks)

    Left trouser pocket – (lower) – nothing (ditto)

    Right rear trouser pocket – nothing (makes my bum look bigger if I do)

    Left rear trouser pocket – Don't have one

    Stab vest pockets -What's a stab vest?

    Everything else goes in my response bag or stays on the motor.

  4. Top right shirt pocket Pack of gauze, 10ml syringe, 10ml flush, veccafix, end of an et tube (for snapping drug vials) transpore tape.Top left shirt pocket Personal mobile, chewing gum, various scraps of paper, ID card and swipe card.

    Sleeve pocket 2 black biros and a pen torch

    Belt Service radio (if I remember!!) maglite holder little pouch with tuff cuts and swiss army knife

    Top right trouser pocket handful of gloves, I also seem to have a habit of using several pairs on one job…..

    Top left trouser pocket Generally empty, sometime a pack of tissues if I have a cold.

    Bottom right trouser pocket Protocols of various descriptions JRCALC, local proceedures, direct admission to CCU and other specialist unit protocols

    Bottom left trouser pocket Diary wallet and any other junk that gets accumilated during a shift.

    Stab vest pocket As if, we just have to hope that our extra thick green shirts will save us should the worst happen!

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