Round-Up Of UK Blogs

Mark (of Gullible's Travels) asked me to recommend some UK medical blogs. To my shame I could only think of a handful, so I vowed to change this sorry state of affairs and have a look at some other UK medical blogs.
But first, I need your help.

If you own/write a UK medical blog, or if you read one that isn't on my link-list on the right hand side of this page – then please either email me with it, or (even better) pop it in a comment for this post. Then I shall have a look at them all and summarise them in a future post.

Fly my pretties, fly! And bring me interesting links.

10 thoughts on “Round-Up Of UK Blogs”

  1. Mr Reynolds,I was emailing Dr Charles in the US the other day about the exact same thing. Not sure if you've ever heard of “Grand Rounds”. US med-bloggers do a round up of each others blogs and posts every week. I was wondering if a UK version would be a good idea. If you're getting a list of bloggers together – then that would give us a base to work from.

    Or at least we could set up a web ring – that would be a start!

    Dr Dre

  2. Don't know if you habitually visit me, Tom, but I'm a BRC First Aider, recently qualified in Trauma/Resus and working to join


  3. Damn your eyes sirrah! You have seen through my feeble plans for setting up a UK Medblog webring…The plan is, to do a showcase of UK Med blogs later on in the week, then set-up invite everyone into a webring (which is a good thing, I got a lot of traffic through the emergiblogs webring). With enough people we could even start a UK biased Grand rounds type carnival.

    And please…call me Tom.

  4. Mine's not a medical blog – I'm a features writer and journalist – but I have blogged a feature I've had published on H.E.M.S – the London air ambulance. Spent a week with them on the chopper and on the trauma car and the feature might be of interest to anybody looking to learn more. It's here if you're interested:
    Clicky straight to the feature

    Love the blog, btw – I've written quite a few features having spent time with various divisions of the Met police and the military, so yours is a welcome addition to my blogroll. Keep it up, fella.

  5. Ok Mr Tom,Did you see who was featured in this weeks Grand Rounds? Why yes, I do believe it was Dr 'as seen in the Guardian' Dre 😛

    drop me a mail at anytownnhstrust 'at' if there's anything I can do to ease the load.

  6. mis yer, trust ye are not a victim of the bug, computer or dna'd[virus in the key board or at the keyboard] scarabstercus

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