Patient Gets Better!!!

I went to visit our patient from the last post, this morning I'd put my hand in my pocket and found that I had £2:66 of his money that had spilled out of his pocket during our struggle and I'd put it in my fleece for safe keeping – given the saga of the job, I'd forgotten to hand it in when we reached the hospital. I thought it would be best if I returned it to him, so I had a chat with the lovely receptionists at the hospital, and they told me what ward he was on. I went to the ward to find him sitting there, seemingly none the worse for wear. He did have a bit of a black eye (not my fault – honest), and when I spoke to him he told me that the doctors suspected that he had fainted, and when he had hit his head had suffered a form of concussion. His CT scan and blood tests were all normal, although I suspect that they will be running EEGs and other more detailed tests a little later. He told me that he was feeling pretty much normal, and I suspect that they are keeping him in hospital to continue to run their tests.
He was very grateful to see me, and we had a little chat – I offered him his money back, but he refused and suggested that I get myself a pint with it.

It's the first time I've actively gone to look for a patient after bringing them into hospital – and it is a weird experience going to a ward when I'm not expected to transfer that patient to another hospital. Yet another new thing I've done because of writing this blog.

3 thoughts on “Patient Gets Better!!!”

  1. Blogging can certainly change your life in unexpected ways… thanks for the update, glad he's on the mend. How's your thumb?

  2. Well, the patient was prob real chuffed after visiting him, nice touch! BTW happy belated 33rd birfday Tom. Your blog has made my non commentable boring job, a tad more bearable – good one.Anyway home time, bye.


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