Sometimes a day can just drag along. Today due to rather unusual circumstances , the day really dragged. Here is the time-line of today
10:00 Turn up for work, brew a cup of tea

10:01 First job of the day, taking someone from Newham hospital to Barts.

10:02 Cut finger on my locker door, try to stop bleeding, look for plaster.

10:23 Give up search for a plaster – there are none on the station – leave for Newham hospital.

10:26 Arrive at Newham hospital, ask for plaster, they also don't have a plaster so I now have a huge dressing on my finger.

10:28 Meet with patient, pleasant woman – meet nurse who will be accompanying patient, barely understand nurse due to her inability to speak English.

10:30 Get patient's notes and read them, they make more sense.

10:32 Ask Nurse in charge why this patient (who is having cardiac monitoring and a blood transfusion) is going to an outpatient department. Get told that the patient 'just is'.

10:54 After packaging the patient on a stretcher, loading them on the back of the ambulance, we set of for Barts hospital.

10:55 Nurse escort tells me that she gets travel sick.

10:55:20secs Give nurse a vomit bag.

11:37 Arrive at Barts hospital

11:38 Enter Outpatients department, Reception seem rather surprised to see patient on stretcher appear in front of them.

11:40 Problem is referred to the sister in charge, she also looks befuddled.

12:00 We wait while sister in charge phones around the hospital trying to work out why this patient is in her outpatient department.

12:30 Still waiting…We let Control know why we are waiting – there is no stretcher/bed to put the patient on.

13:00 Still waiting

13:30 Still waiting – we let Control know that we still have the patient on out stretcher while they work out what they are going to do with our patient.

14:00 Still waiting

14:30 Still waiting – we let Control know that we haven't gone to sleep, we are told by sister in charge that patient will be admitted soon.

14:45 We place patient on an examination bed so that we can go back to answering emergency calls, patient will hopefully be in a hospital bed soon. We leave the nurse escort with the patient.

14:48 We are finally available for another job.

14:49 We realise we have nearly no fuel, and no fuel card to pay for fuel. We decide to return to station to borrow a fuel card off an unused ambulance

15:20 We arrive back on station to look for fuel card (and have a cup of tea).

15:30 We leave to get fuel. Take infusion pump back to hospital – the ward seem surprised that the patient has been admitted to Barts.

15:48 We have fuel, we are now ready for another job.

16:00 We get a call, out of area, Maternataxi

16:09 Arrive at Maternataxi, contractions (genuinely) every two minutes, previous baby born in 3 hours, drive rather quickly toward her booked hospital

16:12 Patient's waters break – start swimming in back of ambulance.

16:20 Arrive at hospital

16:24 Throw patient at midwife, run back to ambulance.

16:30 Tell control that we need to return to station to mop out the back of the ambulance.

17:20 Get back to station, mop out.

17:45 Crew to relieve us are already on station, await ambulance to dry out

18:00 Leave for home.

18:37 Get home, collapse into sofa, start writing this post.


This is how you get to work an eight hour shift, yet only do two jobs…

In unrelated news, I had a rather nice time at the London Blogger Meetup, people there included 'Stroppycow', Andrew and Mark, all of which blog for different reasons. After only two pints of John Smiths, I managed to get on a train travelling in the wrong direction… The next meetup will be merged with that of the Funjunkie Christmas meetup, which I am rather looking forward to…

10 thoughts on “Dragging”

  1. Sounds liie you had yet another great day,lol! The swimming in the back of the ambo bit made me laugh. Glad to hear you enjoyed the meet, shame I live miles away from the rest of you! Cant wait to read the next bit of your blog, i check several times a day!Liz+ Bump, 13 weeks and 3 days gone, will soon be needing a maternitaxi (joke!)

  2. Ahh, posts like that make it even harder to wait til I get out on the road on me placement! 😉 Hope to meet you at some point when I do.

  3. Morning Tom.For me, I counted nearly a bottle of Merlot and four chocolate biscuits which does not really consistute a balanced diet. Although not drunk I did lurch a little getting off the train at Wandworth Town and had to apologise to the woman I nearly landed on. (note to self – next time eat something beforehand)



  4. Reconsidering it was three – the one you bought, the one I bought and one upstairs.Still embarrassing though – but I suppose I can blame it on following you to your train because we were having such an interesting chat…

    “There is no such thing as a bad one”.

  5. When you do get out on the road, drop me a line, and we can have a chat about it. It truly is a great job, as long as you approach it in the right way.If you end up in EC sector, you may well meet me in the flesh.

  6. Not drunk after a bottle of Merlot, colour me impressed. But did you have a hangover in the morning, and did the wife forgive you?Food is always a good option.

  7. Cheers, I may well do that. I've got my first 3 days of obs in a few weeks, for which I'm going to be in the West. Then it's back to the enthralling world of Hatfield til February :-(.We've started the first tech course module now, which has reminded me that there's light at the end of the tunnel, although it is making me wonder if I was right to be so quick to sign up for the degree programme..

    Anyhow, ta for the encouragement, and keep up the inspirational blogging!

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