Final Toronto

This is the final post about my Toronto trip – I'm back on night shifts for a bit, so if you are lucky I'll have to pick up something other than a drunk/unwell child/maternataxi, and will therefore have something interesting to post about.
As I believe I mentioned before, the trip to Toronto was great. There were a load of great people that I met, essentially because of this blog, and I'd like to thank them all for making the trip so enjoyable. I'd like to thank Joey for letting me come to his party and somehow arranging two wild racoons to turn up in his garden for me to look at – also I'd like to thank Eldon and a couple of others who reminded me that it would be a bad idea to try and stroke those same racoons. I'd like to thank those who took me to the 'secret swing', and let me know about the first of the two Canadian laws I broke on the duration of the trip. I'd like to thank Andrew for the ex-pat information, and the drinks before I flew back, it was nice to see someone who remembered London before it all went wrong. I'd also like to thank Jovanna and her family and friends for a lovely breakfast. I'd also like to thank Jovanna and her friend (who's name I have rather shamefully forgotten) for the tour they gave me 'backstage' at the Royal Ontario Museum, I never knew that Egyptian mummies weren't stored in hermetically sealed hi-tech boxes, but instead were wrapped in a bit of plastic. I saw some very interesting items stored there, and even got to smell some mummified crocodiles – and they smelt quite a bit like some of the houses I get called to.

I'd like to apologise to Lee for not being able to meet with her, but our schedules just clashed, perhaps next time, or if she ever comes to London I can make it a point to see her.

I was impressed by the cleanliness of the streets (although apparently the Toronto inhabitants are up in arms about a recent increase in street rubbish), I was also impressed by what seems a genuine desire to recycle rubbish – possibly due to recent changes in how their rubbish is disposed.

I never managed to get to talk to an ambulance crew – when I visited the hospital there were no ambulances there, and then I got escorted off the premises by a very polite security guard, who appeared within seconds of me getting my camera out. I only saw one ambulance, and that was driving along the street, but I did see a couple of fire trucks running on blues. On this evidence alone I'd suggest that Torontonians are a bunch of healthy arsonists.

The flight back was not as bearable as the flight over – there was a two year old child who insisted on crying throughout most of the trip, the food was awful, I was in a middle seat, the in-flight entertainment was a bleeding awful 'chick-flick' and the legroom was a lot less.

But the plane landed safely, which is always a bonus – and the final tube ride home was uneventful.

I would like to offer drinks, and a tour of a local ambulance station for anyone who I met during those few days who may find themselves in London – I appreciate everything that you folks did, and I apologise for anyone who I have forgotten about, and haven't mentioned here.

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